Jan 2011 03

by Nahp Suicide

BMW have come up with an innovative way of making sure viewers remember their latest ad: they are imprinting the firm’s logo on people’s retinas.

A new advert for the car manufacturer, which has been previewed at cinemas in Germany, makes use of the phenomenon that occurs when you look at the sun. As when you view anything bright enough, when you close your eyes an ‘after-image’ can still be seen for several moments afterwards.

When the flash goes off during this special ad for BMW’s motorbikes it just seems like a regular flash from the bike’s headlights is shown on screen. However, even though the brand is never consciously seen during the ad, thanks to a heavy duty photographic flash which is shone though a stencil behind the cinema screen simultaneously to the headlight visual, when the audience closes their eyes – as they are told to at the end of the spot – they are startled to see the clear afterimage of the BMW logo on their eyelids. This puts a whole new spin on the phrase “branded for life!”


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