Oct 2010 01

by Nicole Powers

“I have a knack for penises,” isn’t the kind of confession you’d expect from a memoir penned by Samantha Bee, The Daily Show’s Most Senior Correspondent. But then I Know I Am, But What Are You? isn’t the kind of book you’d expect her to write. Leaving politics and talk of Jon Stewart & Co. mostly to one side, the collection of humorous essays sheds light on Samantha’s unconventional upbringing, which in turn sheds light on why her recipe for success includes a hearty helping of sexually explicit material – ergo her theory that “we need to bring more of a porn sensibility to our financial regulatory mechanisms” (see April 27, 2010 Sex-curities XXXchange Cumission report).

We spoke with the Canadian-born not-news show funnywoman (who is married to fellow Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones) about her Granny juice steeped childhood, her affairs with Jesus and her cat, her rebellious dislike of hot ham, and the repercussions of her exposure to penis-laden literature and videos at an exceedingly young age.

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