Jun 2012 23

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This Sunday (June 24th at 10 PM PST) on SuicideGirls Radio, in celebration of Pride month we welcome three guests who have enlightened views on what it means to love. Filmmaker Cassie Jaye (Daddy I Do and Right To Love) and inspirational speaker and lifestyle coach Jesse Brune will be joining SG radio host Nicole Powers (SG’s Managing Ed) and co-hosts Darrah de jour (SG’s Red, White & Femme post-feminist sex & sensuality columnist) and Moxie Suicide (SG model and self proclaimed sexpert) live in studio. Acclaimed author Inga Muscio (Rose: Llove in Violent Times and Cunt: A Declaration of Independence) will also be joining us by phone.

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_About Cassie Jaye

As an actress interested in all aspects of the film industry, Jaye began exploring her passion for social issues and storytelling behind the camera.

Mother and sister, Nena Jaye and Christina Clack, joined her in the development of Jaye Bird Productions, LLC, a company dedicated to unmasking women’s issues.

Beginning with Daddy I Do – a film about the perils of abstinence only education – Jaye Bird Productions seeks to produce politically provocative films that inspire progressive thought and action.

Cassie’s latest film, Right To Love, explores the challenges same-sex couples face in America when looking to marry and start a family.

_About Jesse Brune

In January 2009 Jesse lost everything he owned. Within a week’s time, everything was gone. However, though it wasn’t clear at the time, he says this was one of the best things to ever happen to him. Instinctively he understood that he had two options available here:

1. He could feel victimized by this occurrence
2. He could use this as an opportunity to redefine his life.

He went with door option 2.

Without realizing it, he created the space in his life to settle down and contemplate what he was really interested in experiencing. In stillness, he rediscovered the motivation that fueled his life.

He is committed to loving himself unconditionally and sharing what he learns along his path, with the intention of inspiring others to embody love in their lives. Most of his clients are city dwellers – business professionals and artists whom have packed professional schedules and an active social life. Through infusing mindfulness into their daily activities and committing time in their schedules to breathe and connect, many of the challenges that come along with urban living disappear and they are able to embrace peace. Jesse travels the world as a lifestyle expert, guiding clients through challenges they face in their physical, emotional, and spiritual life. He believes that every day offers the opportunity to learn and practice the art of loving.

_About Inga Muscio

Inga Muscio is the author of Rose: Llove in Violent Times, Cunt: a declaration of independence, Autobiography of a Blue-Eyed Devil: My Life and Times in a Racist, Imperialist Society. In her not-exactly-plentiful spare time, she writes other stuff, reads it in public, and continues to expand on her work in Rose, Cunt and Blue-Eyed Devil by doing workshops and events.