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by Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D.

In California there is a magical, sensual temple by the sea where two erotically gifted women-of-power live, work, play and bring excruciating pleasure to many. They are the busiest, most successful erotic practitioners that I know (and I know many). Miss Jaeleen and Ms. Montaine created and practice the art of “Bondassage.” Having been present at three of their sessions, I can tell you that they are extraordinary and do brilliant work. They also have been teaching a series of Bondassage workshops and offer Bondassage training for professionals, couples and individuals.

Jaeleen and Montaine each have their own luxury apartment in the same ocean front building. Their Bondassage room has delicious sacred space energy, with its lovely altars, tantric and Buddhist statues, fresh flowers, and a plush massage table. All is impeccably clean and neat. The room is painted hot pink, florescent orange, and Mediterranean blue. Along one entire wall is a big cabinet with many doors and drawers which, when opened, flood the room with kinky, fetish and SM accoutrements. This dynamite duo embraces and utilizes the archetypes of both the ‘Slut’ and the ‘Goddess.’ My kind of girls!

On a full moon night, with the sounds and scents of the ocean, we sat together on their plush couch. Montaine and Jaeleen let me peek behind their scenes, probe their brains, and let me in on some of the secrets of their sexcess.

Annie Sprinkle: How did Bondassage start?

Jaeleen: I had been working as a massage therapist for about 20 years – I love to work and play with the body. I’ve been kinky since I can remember, and I began offering Professional Domination about five years ago. I’m fairly specific in what I offer in my SM sessions. I don’t offer the “traditional” Dominatrix role-play and fetish scenes – I’m a Sadist, and, again, I love to play with the body.

In 2008 I had a pushy, grabby client and it wasn’t a very satisfying session. I thought: “There must be a better way.” So I started combining what I love about massage and what I love about S&M, which is bondage, sensory deprivation, tease and denial and corporal punishment, and I developed a sequence that eventually became Bondassage.

When I began telling people about what I was doing with Bondassage, they got excited: “You have to make a video because this will be great for couples.” So, I went and had the name trademarked and the sequence copyrighted to protect my intellectual property. I was thinking about offering it at places that do sexuality workshops…

When I started doing Bondassage, I got an amazing response from my clientele. They started spreading the word and suddenly I got phone calls from people from all over the state asking if I would come to their town. I wasn’t willing to travel, so I thought I better start training some practitioners. My good friend and colleague Ms. Montaine was one of the first people I trained. She was instrumental in helping develop this work.

Bondassage is a great sampler plate. If you’ve never done anything kinky, it gives you a lot of tastes of different kinky things in a safe, wonderful container. I stress that there is no pain, there are no marks. We’re definitely not going to hurt you. But you are going to receive a lot of different sensations and be taken on a wonderful journey.

Montaine: I’ve been a professional dominatrix since 1989. My main focus has been on domination, fetishes, fantasy, role-playing, cross-dressing and more. I had been involved in the Washington DC area since 1989. When I moved to CA in 1998 I considered myself retired, although I was still active in the leather lifestyle on a personal and social level. Then I met Miss Jaeleen. Something magical happened. She explained the work she was doing. I was intrigued, as I had incorporated similar elements into some of my past sessions. We decided to collaborate in order to spread the word about Bondassage.

Annie: Montaine, did you have a massage license when you met?

Montaine: Yes, but frankly, I didn’t do a lot of therapeutic massage back in the day. My primary focus then was on fetish and domination. I have a five hundred hour massage degree plus additional hours in shiatsu and other modalities. I didn’t like the way the massage business was traditionally structured with all the rules and the boundaries. With Bondassage we are able to combine things we really love to do. I’ve become much more passionate about massage. Now I love starting my day by working on people. It’s balancing and grounding. You get into that bodywork groove and let the good vibes flow through you.

In traditional full body sensual massage sessions, generally you massage the whole body first, and at the end you pay special attention to the obvious sensual parts. With Bondassage we massage a body part, and then we incorporate something kinky. Then we massage another body part and then we do something kinky. It’s great. It always keeps the client on the edge. In combination with taking away sight and putting on the music headphones it really puts the client deep in touch with their body. It enables people to go to a place they normally don’t access. During a session I don’t encourage talking because I’m working with blindfolds and headphones. So I’m not asking questions, or engaging – I’m simply reading and responding to the clients body. In this manner, the massage becomes so much more than just a massage….it becomes a magic carpet ride.

Annie: What do you each bring to Bondassage that is different from each other?

Jaeleen: Mostly we have a lot of similarities rather than differences. We are both truly passionate about what we do. We’re very intuitive, highly skilled and extremely empathetic. Bondassage has a specific sequence, but we don’t work off a script. We play off what is happening each moment of the session.

Annie: Who is a good Bondassage student/practitioner and client?

Jaeleen: Potential practitioners don’t necessarily have to have a massage license, but they do have to have really good bodywork skills. I can teach them the kinky skills – the flogging, the sensation play and the simple bondage techniques – but in the two days that I have to train them, I don’t have time to teach someone how to touch…. **EDIT**

Montaine: Most of our clients are between 40 and 60+ years old, mostly men. Although we have some amazing women and couples as well. They have come to a point in their life where they are looking for something different. They are not looking for traditional sex, but they want something off the beaten path.

Annie: How do you work with couples?

Jaeleen: I like to involve whoever is not on the table in the Bondassage session. We can flip a coin to choose who goes first and then I start coaching the other one on what to do. Some couples are very specific in their desires. If they want to both be on a table at the same time, we can make that happen. We’ll have two tables side by side with two Practitioners. We work with men, women, couples and trans people.

Annie: What do you get from Bondassage, besides making a living from it?

Montaine: For me, I get great satisfaction providing my clients an experience that is safe, nurturing and non-judgmental. It gives them a chance to let loose. It is wonderful to be of service in this way. It allows me to be creative. Everyone is different and unique so I apply something different to each session and client.

Annie: Is there a place for non-action, for doing nothing in a Bondassage session?

Jaeleen: Yes, absolutely. At the end of the session, I wrap them up in a blanket and let them “float”. I think that is important to give them that space, and not rush them off the table, to allow them to absorb and ride that wave. In the beginning of the session, the time it takes to put on the collar and cuff, tie them down, blindfold and headphone them – just those few minutes – allow them to drop into their bodies and step into another realm. I don’t consciously take time to just be still at the start – I save that for the end. I hold the space for 10 or 15 minutes, or however long they need.

Montaine: Sometimes I step back and let them integrate the sensations they just experienced and let it all sink in, or I use breath a bit. But, it’s not overdone. It’s not overdramatic. I am not doing a specific breath work session or Tanta focused session. I am providing massage plus impact and sensation play. I pace myself during the session so the client can simply receive the sensation before I continue with the next sensation.

Annie: Speaking of sensations, what types of things do you use to create those delicious feelings?

Jaeleen: We use many different type of implements; scratchy things, poky things, soft things – different tactile sensations. We don’t want to give away all of our secrets here! When you take away your sight and your hearing, everything else is enhanced. Montaine and I have discovered some clever and quite ordinary household items that can be used in our sessions.

Annie: How many “implements” do you have in that magic cupboard?

Jaeleen: Hundreds. The ones we use the most in Bondassage are probably about twenty or thirty but, obviously, you’re not going to get all those in one session.

Montaine: When we take away the client’s senses they have no idea what you are using on them. They only know that it has produced a pleasurable sensation. At the end of the session, they ask us what we used and they are often really surprised when we show them the item.

Annie: Do you always blindfold them?

Jaeleen: I try. That is the one thing I get the most resistance about from my clients, especially the men because they are so visual. So I allow them to not have a blindfold on if they are facing down into the face cradle on the massage table, but I really encourage them to do it face up. They are usually fine with it by then, as I’ve been working with them for 45 minutes and they can trust me. They feel safe and well cared for.

Annie: What has love got to do with it?

Jaeleen: I think it has everything to do with it. The kind of space I sink into for bodywork is a loving, accepting, empathetic, service kind of space. Even with the crankiest, not-so-nice people, there is always something beautiful or loving about them I can tap into. Sometimes it just takes blindfolds, restraint and some sensory deprivation before I can access it.

Montaine: We are honored they have chosen to come here for this journey and this experience and they are willing to be vulnerable and intimate with us. They trust us with their deepest, darkest secrets, fantasies and wishes.

Annie: You both radiate really beautiful energy. I always get the impression that you both spend a lot of time and effort to take good care of yourself.

Jaeleen: It is such a gift to work with the amazing people on my table. I am so lucky to be my own boss and create my own schedule. When things get to be too much, I just take a few days off, go for long walks at the beach and knit.

Annie: A Bondassage session is a work of art. So what is on your pleasure palette?

Jaeleen: Hard touch, light touch, ambience, room temperature, room scent, how the shower feels, the music we use, the extra padding I put on the table, the silk sheets, hot towels, ice, cuddly blankets – it’s multi-dimensional. That’s all super important to me. I come from a spa background, and I believe it’s important to have the amenities – the mineral water, the tea, the chocolates – and provide a very pampering experience.

Montaine: For me, the room has to be warm. It’s got to be really beautiful. The massage table needs to be comfortably padded and draped. The sheets have to smell yummy. We spray the sheets with “Nancy Boy Signature Scent” from San Francisco. It’s a blend of lavender, rosemary and peppermint. The clients love it and always ask what we use to enhance their sense of smell.

Annie: Looks like you also use intensive color therapy.

Jaeleen: Yes, absolutely. I adore color! I hope that everybody resonates with our colors and feels energized by them.

Annie: Would you say that your work is “tantric?”

Jaeleen: Depends on how you define tantra. There is an element of tantra, as far as establishing the initial connection between the giver and the receiver. We are not spending time eye gazing with them or doing breath work, however we do have an awareness of their breathing patterns.

Montaine: I tend to mimic my client’s breath because that is a great way for me to get feedback on what they are going through. We both also use reiki quite a bit.

Annie: Your pleasure palette is ginormous!

Jaeleen: Yes, I like to use sensations on the face and the head. I love to do percussion on the feet, hands and forearms. I use a wide variety of modalities – Shiatsu, Thai, Swedish, Eastern methods – and I learn so much from the people that I train. When I watch the women who come in to practice, I say to myself, “Oh, I like that, I’m going to do that”. The majority of my practitioners are sensual massage providers, but I’ve also had some Pro-Dommes come for training, and I learn their kink style, how they work – it’s really a blessing.

Annie: Do you use Bondassage in your private lives?

Montaine: We often have tied up and spanked a few of our favorite lovers.

Annie: Do you often bring people to tears?

Jaeleen: Yes, I find that happens quite a bit. Clients feel they have been touched in a deep, intimate manner, and unexpectedly their tears come. Because we have set the stage, they know that it is a safe, nurturing space, they let go and sometimes and there’s a flood of emotions. The session can dredge up this psychic waste and become cathartic and trancey. It’s a bit like a shamanic journey.

Annie: As a practitioner is it best to stay fully present? Or do you fly too and go into an altered state?

Jaeleen: Even though we enjoy the experience with them, we need to stay present and grounded. If someone is tied to the table, safety issues come into play. We are definitely present with them throughout the whole experience.

Annie: What’s the best compliment? Tears or laughter or…?

Jaeleen: I love it when they’re speechless, when they have no words.

Montaine: I am honored that they have simply been willing to try something new. My motto is “LEAP…the net will appear.” I feel that new clients have taken a leap of faith. Usually the only word they can muster at the end of the Bondassage session is “WOW”.

Annie: If someone thinks they don’t like S&M, can they still enjoy Bondassage?

Jaeleen: Absolutely! I designed it for novices, for people who were curious but never tried anything like it. It’s fun, nice, safe, and it doesn’t hurt. It’s totally non-threatening. So, if I’m sensually flogging someone and they clench and tighten, that’s not what I want in this particular case. I’m looking for them to arch their body up to reach out for more, to like and want it. To ask for things with their bodies that they never knew they wanted.

Annie: Do you utilize the tease?

Montaine: Yes. That’s is what we are famous for! We taunt, tickle, torture, and keep them wanting more. That’s what they want, but they don’t really know that’s what they want. They love being on the edge….with exquisite sensations and our expert ministrations.

Annie: Are you ecosexuals?

Jaeleen: Absolutely! Living here on the Central Coast gives us a deep appreciation for nature, for the environment.

Annie: So you have sensual and erotic experiences with nature?

Jaeleen: Daily. Every time I open my windows and smell the salty air, it’s an aphrodisiac. Listening to the waves at night, it’s a reminder that we’re part of earth’s rhythms. I think I live in the best possible place in the world. In Santa Cruz, we have the mountains and we have the ocean. That is how I recharge. I go walk in nature – in the woods and at the beach.

Montaine: Of course I am an ecosexual. I’m basically a sexy water Goddess. Mountains are great, but I must live at the coast. I’ve taken up surfing. Nothing more erotic than using my abs and pelvic muscles to keep me stuck on the board. I love the sensual motion of the waves. YUM.

Annie: Can Bondassage save the world?

Jaeleen: Anything that brings great joy into your life can save the world.

Montaine: My other motto is: “Mutual frivolity is a must”.

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