Aug 2010 01

by Ryan Stewart

Deep in the Congo, a scientist named Jenny Lowe is running for her life from the machine-gun fire of guerrillas when she comes upon the isolated cabin of a colleague who has always kept his distance despite their identical fields of study – primatology. Finding him dead in his doorway and his cabin ransacked for valuables, she is about to press on when a figure hiding inside catches her eye: a young girl. Acting on instinct, Jenny grabs the girl and they race through the darkness towards the safety of a helicopter: it’s not until the danger subsides that the girl, Lucy, is seen clearly. She is, in a word, different: dark, sleek, and muscular, with features that are proportional, yet very exotic. She proves to be startlingly well-educated – fluent in poetry and mathematics – yet culturally autistic, having been born and bred in the jungle. [..]

Jul 2010 23

As the frontman for heavy duty California rock band Korn, Jonathan Davis has turned angst into an art form, and has sold an impressive 32 million albums worldwide since the group’s inception in 1993. Having battled addiction and long-term depression, much of the inspiration for Davis’ lyrics has come from internal demons. But right now he’s making noise about an external issue that will likely affect us all in some way. [..]

Jul 2010 19

Steve Niles remains best known for “30 Days of Night,” a three issue comic series that grew into a massive hit and later a successful film. Since then Niles has written a number of sequels to the book, but he’s also moved in different directions including Batman, Simon Dark, Criminal Macabre and collaborations with Rob Zombie, Thomas Jane, Richard Corben and Tim Bradstreet. [..]