May 2012 14

by Daniel Robert Epstein

“No, any actor with any semblance of sanity or insanity, biggest fear is to go anywhere near who you are.”
– Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp always has been one of our favorite and best actors, but even he remembers his bad reputation. While we doing our interview a tray of glasses was dropped in another room with a loud crash. Johnny laughed and said, ““You saw me here. I couldn’’t have done it! I’’m going to get blamed for that.””

Even just using his voice in the stop-motion animated Corpse Bride, the power of Depp comes through. The movie is set in a 19th-century European village and follows the story of Victor [Johnny Depp], a young man who is whisked away to the underworld to wed a mysterious Corpse Bride [Helena Bonham Carter] – while his real bride, Victoria [Emily Watson], waits bereft in the land of the living.

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May 2012 11

by Daniel Robert Epstein

“All animators are somewhat anal, because it is all about detail.”
– Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham Carter is stunning in person, both her looks and her wonderfully acerbic personality. For someone that’’s done mostly serious roles, it’’s very cool to hear her make fun of herself. She obviously enjoyed being the titular character in Corpse Bride not only because her partner, Tim Burton, made the film but because it’’s an exceptional dark tale that surpasses it’s predecessor, The Nightmare Before Christmas in every way possible.

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May 2012 10

by Daniel Robert Epstein

“Honestly, all I hope for in this particular case is that I love the movie and that it connects with enough people.”
– Tim Burton

Tim Burton is one of the hippest and raddest cats to ever come down the pike. He creates amazing movies and his latest is Corpse Bride. It’’s a stop motion wet dream that has advanced the form to new heights.

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May 2012 09

by Alex Dueben

The idea is rule by individual consent.
– Ted Naifeh

Ted Naifeh first gained recognition as the artist and co-creator of the comic series Gloomcookie, but it was the release of his own creation, Courtney Crumrin that really made his reputation. Since the initial miniseries Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things was released a decade ago by Oni Press, Naifeh has returned to the character a few times in between other projects.

He illustrated Death Jr. comics, collaborated with Tristan Crane on How Loathsome and illustrated Holly Black’s Good Neighbors graphic novel trilogy from Scholastic. Naifeh also wrote and drew Polly and the Pirates and wrote a sequel which was released earlier this year.

Courtney has always remained Naifeh’s best-loved creation, and this month Oni Press debuts a new full color Courtney Crumrin ongoing series, which serves as both an excellent introduction to Courtney and her world for new readers and a welcome return for those who know her well. Naifeh may have joked that the ten year anniversary of Courtney is making him feel old, but Naifeh remains just as talented a creator and as nice a person as he was when we first met years ago.

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May 2012 08

by Daniel Robert Epstein

“Why the hell did I do it? Probably the money.”
– Peter Falk

Peter Falk toddled into our interview room with that gait and attitude that has become so familiar to the world on his television show Columbo. Clad in his signature Hawaiian shirts he sat down with an ease and grace that belied his 78 years. Falk was there to talk about his latest role in the Paul Reiser penned The Thing About My Folks.

The Thing About My Folks is a hilariously truthful look at family and marriage. It follows a father and son who set out on an impromptu road trip in the wake of mom’s unexpected flight after 47 years of marriage.

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May 2012 07

by Daniel Robert Epstein

“I want to prove a point. That point is: actors are artists, not narcissists…”
– William Hurt

Talking to William Hurt ended up being near to what I expected. I totally counted on him being a total intellectual willing to talk about anything especially the dynamics of acting. But what I didn’’t realize was how nice, cool and friendly a guy he would be. But I suppose it’’s easy to be gracious when promoting a brilliant piece of work like A History of Violence. I won’’t give away what his role is in the flick but he plays it masterfully.

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May 2012 04

by Nicole Powers

“I like the challenge of making something that is risqué, sophisticated, beautiful, and elegant.” – Dita Von Teese

In May of this year Dita Von Teese will embark on an 18-month major North American tour that is the culmination of her 20-year career as a burlesque artist. In line with her passion for presenting the art in its purest form, her “Burlesque: Strip Strip Hooray!” shows will feature a diverse cast of authentic characters alongside four of Dita’s most dazzling sets.

SuicideGirls caught up with the Queen of Teese to talk about her show, her inspirations, and her philosophy on glamour and self-invention.

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