Jul 2010 23

by Eric “Butter” Levy

I am gonna go on a limb here, and say that most of you out there consider yourselves at least above average when it comes to creativity and individuality. Something tells me that if that was not the case, you would not be here on the SG blog reading this. I would surmise, then, that frustration is something we all encounter almost on our day to day lives; kinda like a test of our greatness, if you will. We overcome this hurdle, only to find it once again a few steps further down the road, improved and ready to hinder us once more. [..]

Jul 2010 16

by Jules Bleach

There are some days where you find yourself, pants down, staring intently at the hair surrounding your nipples, your feet surrounded by a litter of empty beer, wine and gin bottles, ashamed that your body has somehow come to resemble the Staypuff marshmallow man. [..]

Jul 2010 13

by Lisa Brady

What’s in a word?  A definition, a label, a jumble of letters arranged to make sense in a certain way.  Words are a very powerful thing.  They can uplift, console, reassure, depress, hurt and cause fear and doubt.  In this world there are a million different stereotypes and a million different prejudices, all given a specific word (label).  And no one is immune. [..]