Mar 2012 02

by Daniel Robert Epstein

I think that’s the job of a director, to funnel all the creativity into one centralized point of being.”
– Peter Jackson

As a horror nut I first discovered Peter Jackson when Dead Alive was released on VHS tape back in the early 90’s. After viewing that first film I knew Jackson was destined to become one of the great filmmakers. I immediately saw his other works such as the Oscar nominated Heavenly Creatures and Meet the Feebles. When his first Hollywood film, The Frighteners, was going to be released I thought that the entire world was going to discover him then. But I was dead wrong because that film tanked. But as everyone knows, Jackson beat the odds and created a near perfect movie trilogy with the Lord of The Rings films.

Now Jackson is releasing his interpretation of the movie King Kong. He has kept the film set in the 1930’s and cast Naomi Watts as Ann Darrow, Jack Black as a crazed filmmaker and Adrien Brody as the screenwriter whose jungle script takes them to deadly Skull Island. With King Kong, Jackson has created a spectacle that may change the world almost as much as the original Kong did back in 1933.

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Mar 2012 01

by Daniel Robert Epstein

“I’’ve been in a lot of comedies and nothing makes me laugh as much as what me and my friends come up with when we’re stoned and farting around in our apartments.”
– Jack Black

Jack Black is about ready to pop as a major movie star. He of course has his previous hit, School of Rock, but the release of Peter Jackson’’s reinterpretation of King Kong should send Black into the stratosphere. Black has nearly as much screen time as Academy Award nominee Naomi Watts.

Jack Black first came to notice as a character actor in such films as The Jackal, Mars Attacks! and The Cable Guy. But he is best known as one half, with Kyle Gass, of the humorous rock band Tenacious D, who had three legendary episodes on HBO and is set to release their first feature film next year.

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Feb 2012 22

By Daniel Robert Epstein

“The trick with dark comedies is to bring the audience in and then push them away. But you don’t want to leave them out there in the cold.” – Pierce Brosnan

The Matador is one of the funniest pictures of the year and it will definitely make my top five. It just doesn’’t get better than a hitman [Pierce Brosnan] who has a nervous breakdown during his latest gig and hightails it to Denver to hook up with a salesman [Greg Kinnear] he met in Mexico City.

Pierce Brosnan is just as charming, playful and fun in person as he is in his films. He came into the room with Colonel Sanders like facial hair and invited us all to make fun of him. But I figured “How can a white guy from Long Island, like me, possibly make fun of James Bond? It just doesn’’t compute.

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Feb 2012 21

By Daniel Robert Epstein

“Loyalty is really not something that you hear a lot about in the entertainment world…” – Seth Rogen

At the young age of 23, Seth Rogen has had a comedy career equal to a Tim Kazurinsky or Charles Rocket. He’’s improvised with the some of the best comedic actors in the world in films like Anchorman and the television show Undeclared.

Both those projects were connected with Judd Apatow, who first discovered Rogen and cast him in the cult classic TV series Freaks and Geeks [created by Paul Feig]. But Rogen has been waiting to star in an R-rated movie like The 40-Year-Old Virgin for many years because now he can curse his face off.

I got a chance to talk with Rogen about the unrated DVD of The 40-Year-Old Virgin, his improv skills, and the upcoming feature he will be starring in.

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Feb 2012 07

by Damon Martin

It was all Dave Matthews doing.

As Kevin Smith took the stage at the Scotiabank Theater in Toronto while he was streamed out to hundreds of movie theaters across North America, the Clerks director admitted that it was years ago when he was at a movie, he saw a special announcement about a one night only Dave Matthews Band concert that would show all over world simultaneously in cineplex after cineplex.

The inspiration stayed with Smith for years. He dreamed of being able to go to his audience in a similar way, and this week he finally got his Dave Matthews moment. Kevin Smith: Live from Behind debuted on Thursday night, when the writer/director, along with good friend Jason Mewes, performed live in front of an audience in Canada, while reaching an audience of millions around the globe.

The concept was simple; Smith and Mewes would conduct a live taping of their podcast Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, and then they would move to a question and answer session. The questions would come from the live audience in Toronto and also via Twitter.

The 3-hour plus event showcased Smith and Mewes in their element. From a disturbing story about how Smith got obsessed with taking care of his daughter’s tortoises, including how he stopped turtle rape (you had to see it to understand it) to Mewes waxing intellectual about the first time he penetrated a vagina, and how girls don’t really have bushes anymore.

To look back, there really was no starting point to the show, but Smith and Mewes played brilliantly off of each other, and what was nothing more than a casual conversation between friends, turned into over an hour of entertainment for a live audience.

From there, Smith went into what most believe is his most perfect form of storytelling. His Q&A sessions, which are stuff of legend, including his iconic Hall H performance every year at San Diego Comic Con, and it’s undeniably where he really shines.

For two hours straight, Smith, along with Mewes, answered question after question from the live and internet audience. Smith didn’t shy away from anything. From funny and self-deprecating to serious and uplifting, Smith held the audience in the palm of his hand for over 180 minutes. When it was over, everyone would have gladly stayed for another three hours.

Smith has openly stated that after he makes his next move Hit Somebody, which begins filming later this year, that he is retiring from filmmaking. While many became sad at the prospect of losing such a funny and unconventional filmmaker, Smith’s true talent lies in other areas.

He’s built a podcast empire, with shows that typically rank as some of the most downloaded on all of iTunes, his public speaking gigs routinely sell out, and then he comes up with gems like Live from Behind where the audience can literally be anywhere and enjoy Smith’s own brand of humor and candor.

The film generation may look at names like Tarantino or Scorcese when speaking about the greats of the last 25 years, but when all is said and done, with ideas like Live from Behind, Kevin Smith may be the most creative mind the entertainment world has seen in the last few decades.

If you missed Live From Behind the only thing I can say is the next time Kevin Smith does a live show, podcast or video stream in your town, run don’t walk to see it. Even if you’ve never seen Clerks, Chasing Amy or Mallrats, just sit back and enjoy because it’s really a viewing experience everybody should have at least once.

Feb 2012 06

By Daniel Robert Epstein

“I had been coming up on the comedy scene as we all were and I was friendly with some people at Comedy Central so I guess that’’s how I got in…It really was just a standard audition, not much of a story unfortunately. I’’ll make up a good one if you want. Yeah, it all started with my heroin addiction.” – Rob Corddry

Rob Corddry is best known as one of the clueless correspondents on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. But like many of people involved with that comedy institution, Corddry started out in improv and sketch comedy with roots in the famed Upright Citizens Brigade theatre. Corddry is also a founding member of the sketch group Naked Babies that also includes John Ross Bowie, Brian Huskey and Seth Morris. We spoke with him about The Naked Babies, The Daily Show, and more.

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Jan 2012 31

by Shotgun Suicide

Suicide Girls are more than just pretty faces. When they’re not taking their clothes off and posing for pictures (and writing blogs), they’re making videos showcasing their many other talents. Some are jokers, some can do strange things with their tongues, some are ultra geeky, some even have strange robotic friends, some can sing, some are dancers and/or contortionists, some can do knife tricks, some share their secrets to getting laid (a lot!), some are having bad hair days, and all are 100% amusing.

This compilation, put together by Shotgun Suicide, highlights some of the best, the most memorable, and the plain silliest, from this past year.