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Let’s talks about sex, sexuality, and sexism this Sunday (Oct 23rd). SG Radio hosts Nicole Powers (SG’s Managing Editor) and recovering reality TV star Lacey Conner (Rock of Love and Charm School) will be joined in-studio by the always charming actor, musician and poet Michael Des Barres, gender writer and commentator Yashar Ali, and SG’s Red, White and Femme columnist Darrah de jour.

Tune in to the world’s leading naked radio show for two hours of totally awesome tunes and extreme conversation – and don’t let yo momma listen in!

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_About Michael Des Barres

Marquis Michael Philip Des Barres was born on 24. January 1948, in Sussex, UK. He was the only child of Marquis Philip Des Barres and his third wife Irene. The Des Barres family had its origins in France, and the noble rank of Marquis is a hereditary title that can be traced back to 12th century France, when Guillaume Des Barres was given the title after rescuing the King of France from an enemy attack. Michael’s parents separated shortly after he was born, and he grew up living with his mother who was a jazz singer.

Michael first got into acting at the age of eight, in 1956. He found an agent by looking in the phone book and soon he was appearing on television and in national advertising campaigns. But his acting career was put on hold at the age of thirteen when his parents sent him to the Repton boarding school, where he stayed until he was expelled at sixteen because his hair was too long.

Michael then attended the Corona Stage Academy in London for two and a half years, where he acquired a strong background in Shakespeare and classic theatre. It was during this period that he began songwriting and took up the guitar.

Michael guest-starred on several popular UK television shows, including Z Cars and Dixon of Dock Green. He also appeared with Tony Curtis in the movie Drop Dead Darling and as one of Sidney Poitier’s students in To Sir, With Love. Eventually he was asked by Robert Stigwood to play a role in a controversial musical called The Dirtiest Show In Town. This led to a meeting with Andrew Lloyd Webber, who offered him a contract after Michael had performed a few of his self-written songs. He was also given the chance to sing the part of Judas on the original demo recordings of Tim Rice and Lloyd Webber’s rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar.

Wanting to form a band, Michael put an ad in Melody Maker in early 1972 looking for musicians. “Originally it was just me. I didn’t want to be a Bowie-Bolan figure, but then I decided I wanted a ballsy rock band”, Michael said later. The band was named Silverhead, and became signed to Deep Purple’s label Purple Records. They released two studio albums, Silverhead (1972) and 16 And Savaged (1973). A live album called “Live at the Rainbow” was also recorded in 1973 and later released in Japan.

Silverhead toured Europe, Japan and the U.S., and played support for bands like Deep Purple, Fleetwood Mac, Uriah Heep, Kiss and Nazareth. Silverhead split in the summer of 1974, before they had finished work on their third album (working title Brutiful). This was followed by a couple of unsuccessull solo-attempts by Michael later the same year.

After relocating to Los Angeles, Michael teamed up with former Steppenwolf guitarist Michael Monarch to form the band Detective in March 1975. Detective were signed by Led Zeppelin’s label SwanSong and released two studio albums in 1977, Detective and It Takes One To Know One. In 1977 Michael also married Pamela Miller, whom he’d met while on tour with Silverhead three years earlier. Their son Nick was born the following year. Detective split in the fall of 1978, before they had finished their third album.

In October 78, Michael appeared on the sitcom WKRP in Cincinatti – his first acting job on American TV. More guest-roles on TV followed, with appearances on The Rockford Files and Hart to Hart.

Michael’s first solo album I’m Only Human was released in 1980, produced by the legendary Mike Chapman. Throughout the 70s Michael had been battling with drugs and alcohol, but in 1981 he stopped completely and has stayed sober ever since. He would later create the “Rock Against Drugs”-program together with his friend and manager Danny Goldberg.

In September 1982, Michael formed the band Chequered Past together with Clem Burke, Frank Infante and Nigel Harrison from Blondie and Steve Jones from Sex Pistols. Shortly after, Frank Infante left the band and was replaced by Tony Sales (Iggy Pop, Tin Machine). Chequered Past did extensive touring in the US in the following years, and they also did support jobs for bands like Duran Duran, INXS and Little Steven. They released a self-titled album in 1984 which received good reviews, especially in Europe.

In 1983, Michael wrote and recorded the song “Obsession” together with Holly Knight, which was released without much success. But when the band Animotion covered it in 1985, it became a huge worldwide hit.

In June 1985, just after Chequered Past had split, Michael was asked to replace Robert Palmer in the band Power Station. John and Andy Taylor knew Michael from when Chequered Past had been support for Duran Duran. They were just about to start a big tour when Palmer decided to leave, and Michael had to learn all their songs in just a few days.

Power Station played almost 40 concerts on their summer tour of the US and Canada. They also performed at the historic “Live Aid”-concert at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia – a career highlight for Michael. During the tour, Michael arranged for the band to appear on his friend Don Johnson’s hit TV-show Miami Vice. He also co-wrote and did the vocals on a Power Station song called “We Fight For Love”, which was included in the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Commando.

1986 saw the release of Michael’s second solo album, Somebody Up There Likes Me. It featured contributions from Steve Jones, Andy Taylor and Dave Stewart (Eurythmics). After that album, and solo concerts in support of it, Michael started focusing more on his acting career. He appeared in several movies, including Ghoulies, Nighflyers and Midnight Cabaret (where he had a leading role).

One of his most famous roles was as the professional killer Murdoc on the TV-show MacGyver, where he appeared in 7 episodes from 1987 to 1991. He also made guest-appearances on TV-shows like Sledge Hammer, J.J. Starbuck, 21 Jump Street and ALF. And in 1989 he starred opposite Clint Eastwood in the action/comedy movie Pink Cadillac.

Throughout the 1990s, Michael continued to guest-star on a wide range of different TV-shows, including Roseanne, Seinfeld, L.A. Law, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Northern Exposure, Ellen, JAG and Nash Bridges. He also had a recurring role on Melrose Place, and did lots of voiceover work for animated shows.

In 2001 Michael formed the band Down Boy, which included Paul McCartney’s guitarist Brian Ray. He also found time to write a rock musical about the life of Marquis De Sade. In 2002, he starred alongside Mick Jagger, Andy Garcia, Anjelica Huston and James Coburn in the critically acclaimed movie The Man From Elysian Fields. That same year he also won the award for “best actor in a feature film” at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival, for his role in the movie Ocean Park.

Since then, he has had recurring roles on the TV-shows My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star and Four Kings, and made guest-appearances on shows like Charmed, Gilmore Girls, Frasier, JAG and Alias. He also received much attention for his role in the movie Catch That Kid and his appearance in George Hickenlooper’s documentary Mayor of the Sunset Strip.

In recent years Michael has helped organize and host the annual “Don’t Knock The Rock” film festival. He has also written several original screenplays and held a writing course at Santa Barbara University.

In 2006 he formed Michael Des Barres and Free Love Foundation, a 12-piece soul rock band that performed in the Los Angeles area and received a lot of attention. His portrayal of a plastic surgery addict on the hit show Nip/Tuck in 2007 caused TV Guide’s reviewer to remark that he “did a fabulous job”.

In 2010 Michael recorded a new solo album with Texas producer Jesse Dayton called Frontman, which will be released soon. “It’s the album I’ve always wanted to make”, Michael says. He has put together a new band in connection with his upcoming solo album Frontman. So far they have played two concerts at Three Clubs in Hollywood, with more dates to follow.

Michael and Pamela Des Barres divorced in 1991, but remain close friends. Pamela was a member of Frank Zappa’s all-girl group The GTOs and is famous for her groupie adventures in the 60s and 70s. She has written several critically acclaimed books, including the memoirs I’m with the Band (1987) and Take Another Little Piece of My Heart: A Groupie Grows Up (1993). HBO will soon turn I’m with the Band into a TV-series, starring the extraordinary Zooey Deschanel. Michael and Pamela will serve as executive producers on the much-anticipated series.

Be sure to catch the Spectacular Michael Des Barres Band at the Viper Room for a Halloween Spectacle on October 29th. Visit the Facebook event page for more info.

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_About Yashar Ali

Yashar Ali is a Los Angeles-based columnist, commentator, and political veteran whose writings about women, gender inequality, political heroism, and society are showcased on his website, The Current Conscience.

He will be soon releasing our first short e-book, entitled, A Message To Women From A Man: You Are Not Crazy — How We Teach Men That Women Are Crazy and How We Convince Women To Ignore Their Instincts.

His first column for SuicideGirls – He Doesn’t Deserve Your Validation: Putting The Fake Orgasm Out of Business – has been causing quite a stir. Read it here:’t-deserve-your-validation-putting-the-fake-orgasm-out-of-business/

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_About Darrah de jour

Darrah de jour is a freelance journalist who lives in LA with her dog Oscar Wilde. Her writing has appeared in Marie Claire, Esquire and W. In her Red, White and Femme: Strapped With A Brain – And A Vagina columns for SuicideGirls, Darrah takes a fresh look at females, femininity and sexuality in America.

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