May 2011 19

by A.J. Focht

On May 13, the longest running superhero based television series, Smallville, came to a close. The final episode brought back many of the past characters, including Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor. Avoiding other major spoilers, we’ll just say there is both flight and tights action involved.

That wasn’t the only action stirring in the world of superheroes this past week though. Rob Williams, author of the new Ghost Rider series, announced that the next Ghost Rider will be a female. Johnny Blaze, the current Ghost Rider, will be offered a chance to pass his curse on to someone else, and while Blaze will no longer be the Rider, he’ll remain a part of the series.

On the tuneful side of the super-powered spectrum, the Spider-Man musical may not be the worst flop ever. Dan Slott, writer of The Amazing Spider-Man, talked it up in a tweeted review.

Finally, Transformers: Prime, which tied for the most Daytime Emmy Award nominations with a total of six nominations, walked away with two of them.

Many of the major networks have announced their fall lineups. While there is no Wonder Woman joining NBC this fall, there is a Brothers Grimm fantastical detective knock off. ABC’s also going with the fairy tales; their new series, Once Upon a Time, supposedly follows the real world daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. For those not seeking fairy tales, you can always catch the Charlie’s Angels remake.

While the networks are prepping for a new season, Netflix continues to reel in big clients. The newest one? Miramax. The two companies have signed a five year agreement. For the first time, the Miramax collection will be available for streaming, with classics such as Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, and Chasing Amy being placed in rotation in the ‘Watch Instantly’ area of the site.

Things are stirring in Middle Earth, mostly the cast of The Hobbit. Martin Freeman, who is starring as Bilbo Baggins, has left to go finish a series of Sherlock Holmes videos. He will be back, and for all the premature heart attacks this news caused, we were treated to the news that Hugo Weaving will reprise his role as Elrond.

Kevin Smith apparently has the capability to rebuild the Bionic Man. The technology required? A comic book. That’s right Kevin Smith, in association with Dynamite Entertainment, is working on a comic book adaptation of The Six Million Dollar Man. The project is launching in August, and there are rumors of a 2012 Bionic Woman comic.

Steve Austin isn’t the only TV hero getting a comic. Nathan Fillion will once again have his form inked into the panels as ABC’s Castle gets a comic with Marvel. ABC and Marvel have partnered together to bring Castle: Richard Castle’s Deadly Storm a 112 page hardcover graphic novel hitting stores September 28, 2011. The series will chronicle the adventures of Castle’s first big success, Derrick Storm.

Finally, the PlayStation Network is back up, but not everyone is ready to forgive Sony. In an attempt to make it up to everyone who missed out on nearly a month of gaming, Sony is offering free games on the network. The list is short, but has some decent, albeit older, games available.

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