Oct 2011 12

by A.J. Focht

The official Avengers trailer was finally released this week. Attached to the previews of Real Steal, it offers everything we wanted and more. All of the Avengers are showcased in the preview, providing the perfect teaser for the upcoming movie.

The Wolverine may end up with two separate cuts. In a recent interview with Hugh Jackman, he discussed the interest in making an R-rated Wolverine movie. A possible compromise that is being floated is the idea of releasing a PG-13 version of film, so as to not exclude the younger fans, in addition to the R-rated cut we all want to see.

Queen of the webisode, Felicia Day’s most recent project, Dragon Age: Redemption, is now live. It’s a brilliant webseries placed in the Dragon Age RPG universe. Felicia Day’s character, Tallis, is an elven assassin hired to capture an apostate mage. Along with the release of the webseries, a new DLC was released for Dragon Age 2 also featuring Tallis.

TV streaming is coming this fall to Xbox Live. Microsoft Corp. has gathered over forty world leaders in TV and entertainment, including HBO, Syfy, and BBC, and will commence service this holiday season. They have also struck deals with companies like Xfinity to offer their services via the Xbox live platform.

Hungarian SWAT teams proved they are ready for the coming zombie apocalypse this last week, when a real world SWAT team busted in on the set of World War Z. The Budapest authorities learned that live firearms were being used on set so a team was dispatched to confiscate them. All the firearms were taken, but the studio is working with authorities to sort the mess out.

Netflix has had a rough couple of months, but now that they struck a deal to bring The Walking Dead to instant streaming, they are perhaps on the path towards redemption. The series is just one of several new marquee shows that are new to the queue. Netflix has also backed out of their proposal to split the company in two, Netflix and Qwikster. After customer and stockholder outrage over the move, Netflix is taking a step back and considering other directions.

Things aren’t looking good for The Simpsons. Fox executives say they only want Homer, Marge, Bart & Co. for one more season, and even then, only if they can pay a considerable amount less for it. In the short term, despite earning ridiculous amounts of money, the vocal talent is being asked to take a pay cut, and ultimately it looks like America’s favorite dysfunctional family will get the ax in the not so distant future.

When one series dies, another will always take its place. In this case, Fox is optioning for a pilot for a series based on Lev Grossman’s The Magicians. The series looks to be in good hands also as Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stenz (The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Thor, and X-Men First Class) will be doing the adaptation for the script. Now if only a better network than Fox was considering it.

One last update concerning the fallout surrounding the Kindle Fire; last week I told you about the exclusive deal DC Comics signed to place certain graphic novels on the device. Because of this deal, Barnes & Noble is pulling DC titles off their shelves in response. Apparently, the high street book store was upset that DC chose the Kindle Fire after they had previously tried to get the titles for the Nook. With Barnes & Noble facing dire straits in the face of the electronic market as is, it’s hard to think they can afford to pull any titles over such petty discrepancies.