Nov 2014 06

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Ahoy mateys! This Thursday, November 6th, SuicideGirls Radio, be taken over by a pirate horde fer a night o’ debauchery to be sure. SG wenches Moxi Suicide and Nicole Powers will be plyin’ the infamous Dread Crew of Oddwood with grog, checking out their hornpipes, and maybe stealing a little of their gold.

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The Dread Crew of Oddwood

The Dread Crew of Oddwood is a pirate band that blends Heavy Metal, Celtic Folk, and Progressive Rock with a unique acoustic instrumentation to proclaim a new genre: Heavy Mahogany. Embarking from San Diego in 2008, this bloodthirsty horde has accumulated a commendable cult following in the musical underground of Southern California, and is rapidly gaining infamy throughout the far corners of the world.

Oddwood set the stage for world conquest with the release of their albums Reign the Helm in 2009 and Rocktopus in 2010. Boozing, wenching, conquering, killing, and epic storytelling are commonplace in The Dread Crew’s lyrics, and their sense of humor and theatrical brilliance surface in their blood-drenched, critically acclaimed music video for “Queen’s Decree.”

These albums’ tales of comrades lost, bloody sieges, and drunken debauchery caught on so quickly that the demand for more manly and archaic music came to a head. So, In 2012, The Dread Crew of Oddwood forged their genre defining album Heavy Mahogany. Funded by the band’s rabid fans, this award-nominated masterpiece brandishes the true voice of their genre.

From the first note of “Meat, Bread, and Wine” to the last note of “Seafarer’s Medley,” Heavy Mahogany will take you on an unforgettable journey through time, space, and the seven seas. Captain William Kidd’s execution speech comes to life in “When I Sail’d,” and just when you think the fun is over, the crew sings songs of subjects as diverse as airships, zombies, demons, alcohol, and George Washington. Heavy Mahogany is the standard by which all pirate music shall be judged!

The Dread Crew of Oddwood is:

Captain WolfBeard O’Brady – Accordion / Vocals
Carpenter Ruba Jouba – Guitar / Vocals
Quartermaster Stark Cordwain – Irish Bouzouki / Tin Whistle
Bosun Deckard Cordwain – Mandolin
First Mate Riven Rahl – Toy Piano
Navigator Smithy Crow – Bass
Gunmaster Castle – The “Oddkit”

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Oct 2014 25

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This Thursday, October 30th on SuicideGirls Radio, hosts Chloe Suicide and Nicole Powers will be celebrating Halloween with Robert Boocheck, Alejandro Brugués, Jerome Sable and Nick Musurca, four of the filmmakers responsible for the super spooky shorts featured in the new cinematic horror compendium, ABCs of Death 2.

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About ABCs of Death 2
ABCs of Death 2 is the follow-up to the most ambitious anthology film ever conceived with productions spanning from Nigeria to UK to Brazil and everywhere in between. It features segments directed by over two dozen of the world’s leading talents in contemporary genre film. The film is comprised of twenty-six individual chapters, each helmed by a different director assigned a letter of the alphabet, beginning with the letter A and ending with the letter Z. The directors were then given free rein in choosing a word to create a story involving death. Provocative, shocking, funny and at times confrontational, ABCs of Death 2 is another global celebration of next generation genre filmmaking.

ABCs of Death 2 will be released in select theaters on October 31. For more info visit the ABCs of Death 2 website, Facebook and Twitter.

About Robert Boocheck – Segment: M is for Masticate
Robert Boocheck won the worldwide competition held for the ABCs of Death 2 . He beat 500 other directors to have his work included in the finished film. He grew up in suburban Connecticut on a diet of comic books, horror movies, and punk rock music. At 18, he left his hometown for the Big City (Boston) to pursue filmmaking at Emerson College. Against all odds he successfully graduated and moved to Los Angeles, where he began a professional film career interning for one of his directing heroes, Sam Raimi. Sam was a big inspiration for him, stories of his early days inspiring Robert to form a film making collective called Tomorrow’s Brightest Minds. This led to directing music videos for artists such as Death Cab For Cutie, the Dandy Warhols, Bad Religion, Chromeo, and Har Mar Superstar. After that, he went on to direct award-winning commercials for clients such as Adidas, Ray Ban, ESPN, McDonald’s, Google, G4 TV, Johnnie Walker, Comcast, and Toyota.

About Alejandro Brugués – Segment: E is for Equilibrium
Alejandro Brugués is a Cuban filmmaker. He’s best know for the film Juan of the Dead, (Spanish: , Juan de los Muertos,) a Spanish-Cuban comedy zombie film he wrote and directed. The film won the Goya Award for Best Spanish Language Foreign Film in 2012.

Jerome Sable (Director) & Nick Musurca (Writer/Producer) – Segment: Vis for Vacation
Jerome Sable is a writer-director and composer of film, television, and theatre. His directorial debut short film, a horror musical called The Legend of Beaver Dam, opened Midnight Madness at the Toronto International Film Festival and went on to screen at over 75 film festivals worldwide, winning 17 awards, including “Best Short Film” at Sitges, Fantastic Fest, Dallas, Screamfest LA and receiving an honorable mention at Sundance. Sable recently finished his first feature film, Stage Fright, a dark comedy about the horror of musical theatre. Sable directed from a screenplay he wrote, and composed the music and lyrics with longtime collaborator Eli Batalion. Sable grew up in Montreal, Quebec where he studied piano and music theory at the McGill Conservatory of Music. He has a B.A. in philosophy from Brown University and an MFA from the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

Oct 2014 23

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This Thursday, October 23rd on SuicideGirls Radio, hosts Chloe Suicide and Nicole Powers will be joined by musical guests Ricky Rebel and Bad Lands.

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About Ricky Rebel

In 1997, recording artist Ricky G. burst on the music scene as the lead vocalist of the boy-band No Authority who later toured with 98 Degrees, Destiny’s Child, Aaron Carter, Ashlee and Jessica Simpson, among others. Rodney Jenkins (Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears) produced their first album, Keep On, and Michael Jackson signed the band to his own MJJ Music custom-label at Sony. In 2000, they signed with Madonna’s Maverick label to release their namesake album. The album reached #18 on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums chart and their signature hit, “Can I Get Your Number” peaked at #33 on the Billboard Top 40 chart.

Following the break-up of No Authority, Ricky re-emerged as the lead vocalist of Harlow from 2004-2009. He then reinvented himself. Retiring the name Ricky G. and becoming Ricky Rebel, he embarked on a solo career after My Chemical Romance invited him to co-star in their “NA NA NA” and “Sing” videos. In 2011, he released the Manipulator album featuring the hits “Geisha Dance”, “Get It On”, “You Need a Woman” and the title track. In 2013, “Geisha Dance” spent ten weeks on the Mediabase Chart, the chart that powers “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”. Now, in 2014, Ricky takes the stage again with his new release, “The Blue Album”, mixed by Claudio Cueni (JLo). Catch him performing live at the Weho Halloween Carnaval.

For more on Ricky visit his website, Facebook and Twitter.

About Bad Lands

If pistol black mascara, fairy dust, Technicolor palm trees, dangerous love, and kaleidoscopes could be mixed in a blender and made into an intoxicating alt-electro pop elixir, you would have Love Heroes, the new EP from singer / songwriter / musicians Rocky Chance and Mowgli Moon, the L.A.-based partners-in-crime formerly known as He Met Her and now continuing their magical musical journey as Bad Lands.

On their new 7-song EP — which is a sequel of sorts to He Met Her’s critically acclaimed 2012 EP, Crime Novela, which MTV dubbed “Buzzworthy” and Elle U.K. called “a perfect soundtrack for long summer nights — Rocky and Mowgli metaphorically join hands and blissfully jump down the rabbit-hole into the darker side of love and lust.

“We are drawn to the rebellious kind of love – the kind that has no rules and knows no boundaries. We started noticing iconic couples that we looked up to for parading their passion whether or not everyone around them agreed to it. They were looked upon as reckless by society, but together had something dynamic which transcended anyone else’s opinions. They’re couples that do everything for love and they form this energy that’s super epic. We consider these couples heroes of love, they live only for each other and it’s that which we respect and adore,” says Rocky, who grew up in Encino, California.

Some of the tempestuous twosomes that Bad Lands was drawn to include Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson, Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, Mickey and Mallory from “Natural Born Killers,” and, of course Kit and Holly from the movie that inspired their new band name – the 1973 Terrence Malick film Badlands. “We actually wrote the songs first then applied couples to each one later, so really the songs inspired the couples,” explains Mowgli.

“Our sound was evolving and though we do everything creatively together, we wanted to be less of a duo and more of a band so we thought a name change was needed. We love the movie Badlands and the quintessential Bonnie and Clyde type of couple-on-the-run with not much more than their love to fuel their adventure,” explains Tulsa, Oklahoma-raised Mowgli, who became musical soul mates with Rocky after a chance meeting in L.A. in 2009.

The enigmatic artists have organically evolved from their disco-infused pop sounds of Crime Novela featuring the break-out track “Control,” which received considerable radio play from BBC stations in the United Kingdom and earned the band a place on MTV’s most “Buzzworthy” bands of 2012 list. While the trademarks of their feel-good sound and sexy chill vibe still shine through on Love Heroes, their songs are now darkly shaded with a moodier, more dramatic tone showing the seedier side of happiness that leaves the listener feeing high on love, music, sex and the energy created when two kindred spirits just like Mowgli and Rocky collide.

The majority of the EP (“Shotgun,” “Why Hide from the Knight,” ‘Toknight We Ride,” and “Attached”) was created with producer/artist Alex Kickdrums, while “Never Land” and “Gold Name Plates” were produced with Danja in Los Angeles. “We worked on these songs at Alex’s home studio in Brooklyn and also in the e-world from Acapulco and Los Angeles. To complete the EP we worked with Justin Warfield from the band She Wants Revenge in his Hollywood studio. He really helped us to solidify all of the songs and create the cohesive Love Heroes sound,” says Mowgli.

With Love Heroes, Bad Lands serves up an intoxicating pop noir love story prescribed for the wild at heart.

For more on Bad Lands visit their Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud.

Oct 2014 15

by Nicole Powers

“What’s on the inside comes out. And I think at the moment we just feel like in some ways we’ve been regenerated.” – Andy Bell, Erasure

In spiritual teachings, the violet flame is a divine transcendent force that transmutes the negative and transforms it into a positive. It’s therefore a fitting name for Erasure’s sixteenth studio album, which was released on September 23rd, 2014. Though the effervescent synth-pop grooves are nothing short of a party, the lyrics hint at darker times.

As Andy tells me in our phone interview (which took place on the eve of the album’s release), following the death of his manager and former long-term partner in 2012, he found solace in a new relationship and feels like he’s been given a second chance in life. It’s this return to the good times that served as the creative fuel for The Violet Flame.

During the course of our conversation we talk about the new album and tour, the challenges of being out in an increasingly corporate and closed industry, and his two and four-legged sources of love and inspiration.

Read the full interview on

Oct 2014 15

by Bradley Suicide

[Above: Bradley Suicide in Digital Love]

Lets talk a little bit about social media and relationships. It’s no secret that social media has been around for a minute now and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. With that being said, I have found through my past relationships and present dating experiences that it can make things very hard to manage when it comes to the wonderful world of romance.

I recently spoke with a close friend of mine who is a divorce and family law attorney. She told me that 9 out of 10 of her divorce cases mention Facebook in their paperwork. Does that tell us something? I mean, on one hand, if someone is going to cheat they are going to cheat –– right? On the other, social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook make cheating so much more attainable. Basically, you put a recovered heroin addict around heroin for long enough something is probably gonna give I guess?

There is a whole other side of this as well. Before social media, when you had a problem as a couple, you were forced to work it out. In your own way and your own time, but the two of you had to eventually sit down and hash out an argument. Now I find it incredibly dangerous that instead of actually dealing with a problem head on as a couple, you can go online, login, and lull yourself into a false sense of security based on “likes” from nameless, faceless people that you don’t know. Shouldn’t our partner be the person giving us that affirmation rather than strangers?

When it comes to basic get-to-know-you dating there are a few ups and downs with social media as well. I guess it is kind of cool to be able to find out interesting things about the person you have started seeing, like what books they enjoy, their taste in music, etc… But, at the same time, isn’t that one of the best parts of the start of a new relationship? Finding out those fun little facts about the other person. Figuring out your differences and similarities, then determining your compatibility as it comes without preconceived notions.

On top of that I have run into the issue of dudes that I have started to see casually social media “stalking” me. Now I know to draw a hard line with a guy when this happens due to recent experiences. A perfect example, I put up a picture on my Instagram of me and my brother. Not ten minutes later I get a text asking me twenty questions about where I was, who I was with, and who the dude on my IG was. Stalk much? Trust me, I enjoyed this dude’s company and things were going really well, but this behavior continued, spilling onto Twitter as well. I couldn’t win. We weren’t even exclusive at this point. All I could hear in my head was “Hi! I’m a red flag!”.

I strive to keep my head firmly planted on my shoulders and am thankful everyday for the doors that my social media accounts and my amazing followers have opened for me. But, at the end of the day, I choose to now keep my relationships and my social media completely separate. In the end, these networking sites are here to stay. They have their perks and I appreciate all of the networking they have allowed me to do professionally, as well as all of the friends and family that they allow me to easily keep in contact with back home. However, I do have to say, there is nothing sexier to me these days than when a man says that he doesn’t have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It’s downright panty dropping. The thing that I try my hardest to keep in mind is to not allow my social media accounts to cause me to lose sight of the people that are real in my life, as I catch myself chasing the ones who only appear to be.

Social media really does make me a reluctant dater…

Until next time,



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Oct 2014 15

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This Thursday, October 16th on SuicideGirls Radio, hosts Moxi Suicide, Chloe Suicide, and Nicole Powers will be joined by illustrator and performance artist (in a very literal sense!) Thomas Ambrose Denney.

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About Thomas Ambrose Denney

Thomas is an artist with over a decade of experience in a wide variety of media. Renowned as an expert illustrator, with several notable album covers under his belt, Thomas started his career doing illustrations for music festivals and zines. He’s also known for his live painting performances at music events. Venues and events that he’s performed at include The Roxy with the Third Eye Gathering, Serenity Gathering, The Hive Gallery, The Vex, Los Angeles Metal Fest, The Belasco in Los Angeles, LA JOYA with the Conscious life Expo, to name but a few. For more info visit

Oct 2014 02

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This Thursday, October 2nd on SuicideGirls Radio, hosts Moxi and Chloe Suicide will be joined by the bastard future love children of Alanis Morissette and Weezer aka LA indie-alt-pop-rock band Ramonda Hammer.

You can listen – and watch – the world’s leading BYOB radio show live on Thursday nights from 6 til 8 PM at our new state-of-the-art all digital home:

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About Ramonda Hammer

On a warm mid-90s night, Alanis Morissette and Weezer got super drunk and were dared by their friends to make out, but they were all like “no way man, we’re just friends.” They did it anyway and there was totally hella chemistry, and so they banged and had a baby and named it Ramonda Hammer. They then gave the little band child a Pavement, Cranberries, and No Doubt CD, and some interesting guitar pedals, and teleported it into the future, more specifically the year 2014.

Ramonda Hammer is now thriving in Los Angeles, CA as an indie-alt-pop-rock band made up of singer/guitar player Devin Davis, lead guitarist Randy Felten, bassist Andy Hengl, and drummer Colin Knight. They rock hard, however, the music is beautifully bittersweet and Davis’ emotional, self-loathing, lovelorn lyrics resonate with anyone who is like “I SOMETIMES DON’T FUCKING LIKE MYSELF OR THE WAY LIFE WORKS AND IT MAKES ME SAD”, and if that is you, then you should have a listen.

Just check them out regardless. They have a music video for the song “Chaotic” that will be released this week and premiering on SG Radio! You can also see Ramonda Hammer live at the Voodoo Lounge on October 12th at 9:00 for $5. Please check out their Facebook and Twitter for more show dates and info on downloading their music. If you don’t end up liking Ramonda Hammer, then you’re the minority and someone somewhere will probably do whatever they can to fight for your rights as a minority but you know, they can only do so much.