Sep 2014 18

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[Chloe and Charmaine in Nurse 3D.]

Hawtness alert: Check your pulses, because this week’s show’s gonna raise your blood pressure it all the right places. On Thursday, September 18th the SuicideGirls Radio studio will be invaded by more Suicide Girls than ever before. Hosts Moxi and Chloe Suicide will be joined by Luci, Lyxzen, Charmaine, Euphemia, Liryc, and Cheyenne – can your ticker handle this much heat?

You can listen – and watch – the world’s leading BYOB radio show live on Thursday nights from 6 til 8 PM at our new state-of-the-art all digital home:

If you have questions for the SG Radio crew or our guests, you can call in during the live broadcast at: 1-855-TRV-inLA (1-855-878-4652)

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Jul 2014 29

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Oct 2013 18

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Join SuicideGirls and TradioV for a very special LIVE Halloween Broadcast from Hustler’s Sunset Strip store on Friday, October 25th.

SuicideGirls Radio will be on site to celebrate Halloween, the new SG book, Hard Girls, Soft Light, and their Blackheart Burlesque Tour, which hits the House of Blues in West Hollywood on Saturday, October 26th.

SuicideGirls Radio hosts Nicole Powers and Juturna Suicide will be joined by special guests Athena, Sharise Neil, and Bobbie Brown from the Fuse TV ratings hit Ex Wives of Rock (which airs on Saturday nights at 8 PM PST / 11 PM EST).

The LIVE event will also feature a Hustler Halloween Fashion Show highlighting Hustler’s 2013 Halloween costume collection. Last minute holiday shoppers can take advantage of the 20% discount off all purchases during the live broadcast event.

Where: Hustler, 8920 W Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

When: Friday, October 25th from 7 until 9 PM.

Info: Visit the Facebook Event Page

Oct 2013 11

by Nicole Powers

Earlier this week SuicideGirls previewed their brand new burlesque show at the Dragonfly in Hollywood, CA. Entitled, Blackheart Burlesque, it will visit 46 cities across America. The tour starts tonight in Cleveland, OH. Get your tix here (VIP packages available).


Jun 2013 13

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This Thursday June 13th on SuicideGirls Radio hosts Nicole Powers and Juturna Suicide will be joined in studio by Dirty Sanchez and Joey Ryan of the Mexican masked wrestling burlesque comedy troupe Lucha VaVOOM. The group draw their inspiration from the bizarre world of ’60s Mexican Lucha Cinema, where brave, masked wrestling crime fighters save the world from evil with an obligatory stop at the local go-go club.

You can listen – and watch – the world’s leading naked radio show live on Thursday nights from 6 til 8 PM at our new state-of-the-art all digital home:

You’ll also be able to listen to our podcasts via Stitcherdownload the app now!

If you have questions for the SG Radio crew or our guests, you can call in during the live broadcast at: 1-855-TRV-inLA (1-855-878-4652)

For updates on all things SG Radio-related, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

About Lucha VaVOOM

Founded in Los Angeles in 2002 by Rita D’Albert and Liz Fairbairn, Lucha VaVOOM is non-stop, action-packed surrealism where Mexican masked wrestlers perform breathtaking acrobatic feats in a fast-paced, fun-filled, character-driven style. Known for their far-out flamboyance, its quick, exhibition-style, one-fall Lucha Libre matches designed for maximum enjoyment and action.

Since 2002, LUCHA VaVOOM has regularly sold out 1,000-seat venues across the globe (Amsterdam, Calgary, Toronto, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Portland and Philadelphia, among many other cities). When not on the road, the troupe calls downtown Los Angeles’ Mayan Theater–an elaborately appointed, 1927-built former motion-picture palace–home.

Earlier this year Lucha VaVOOM headlined the “El Jimador Mexican Wrestling Bar” at Australia’s Big Day Out 2013 Festival where Ben O’Shea from YAHOO.AU.COM noted (1/24), “Sex and violence – it’s a winning combination but you’re unlikely to find it done as successfully or with such feel-good humour as Lucha VaVOOM…”

Coming off their sold-out Sunday, May 5 Cinco de Mayan show at the The Mayan in Downtown Los Angeles, LUCHA VaVOOM is responding to public demand and will stage another Cinco de Mayan show on July 11 at The Mayan in Downtown Los Angeles. This marks the very first timeLUCHA VaVOOM–the high-octane mix of Mexican-style lucha libre wrestling, traditional burlesque and blow-by-blow comedic commentary–has performed their Cinco de Mayan show in July.
Tickets are currently on sale HERE.

For more on Luca VaVOOM visit their website, Twitter and YouTube channel.

ICYMI: Here’s the video-pod of last week’s show featuring Dirty Sanchez and Joey Ryan of the Mexican masked wrestling burlesque comedy troupe Lucha VaVOOM.

Video streaming by Ustream

Sep 2012 28

by Nahp

A column which highlights Suicide Girls and their fave groups.

[Noel Suicide in Sunday Paper]

This week Noel gives us the skinny on SG’s Strip Club group, a venue to rate, review, discuss and inquire about strip clubs around the world, and discuss matters of etiquette for those who frequent them.

Members: 2,067 / Comments: 11,088

WHY DO YOU LOVE IT?: Because when I first started dancing I did have my doubts, and fears. Once I joined the Strip Clubs group I found so much support and comfort in the other SGs and members. I am now very happy working as an exotic dancer/model. I have met some incredible people, and life long friends by conquering my insecurities which I strongly believe I would not have done without, and the Strip Clubs group.

DISCUSSION TIP: I’m not sure if I have any discussion tips. This group is very liberal, and accepting. If you feel the need to start a thread, or add on to a pre-existing one, my advice would be to jump right on in!

Lap Dances DOs and DON’Ts.

BEST RANDOM QUOTE: “Apparently doing the running-man on stage also works.” – Vivid Suicide



Aug 2012 23

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[“In All My Dreams I Drown” – Jessica Lowndes and Terrance Zdunich]

The Devil’s Carnival visited Santa Monica last Friday for the penultimate night of its encore tour. Inspired by The Rocky Horror Picture Show, the 60-minute rock musical is intended to be the first installment of what director Darren Lynn Bousman hopes will be an ongoing episodic cinematic experience. We arrived in the vicinity of Laemmle’s 4-Plex in Santa Monica at 8 PM in order to grab a bite to eat. Though it was a full two hours before the devilry was due to begin, a line of what was unmistakably Devil’s Carnival patrons had already formed down the block.

Once inside the cinema we were treated to performances from a couple of Vaudeville-style acts, though there was nothing Victorian about how a uniquely talented female performer deep throated a balloon of epic Ron Jeremy-proportions. Next, a collage of behind-the-scenes clips from Bousman’s previous musical endeavor, Repo! The Genetic Opera, afforded the audience an opportunity for a vocal warm up before the main event. It was impressive to see just how large of a proportion of those in the sold-out theater were word perfect as they sang along to favorites from the 4-year old soundtrack such a “Zydrate Anatomy.” A montage of singing videos sent in by fans and an on stage costume competition which paid tribute to the considerable sartorial efforts of the assembled helped further warm up the crowd for a night which was to be spent dancing with the Devil, as played by Terrance Zdunich, Bousman’s Repo! and Devil’s Carnival collaborator.

Bousman and Zdunich then took to the stage to introduce their film. Bousman explained to his fans that he’d wanted to create an experience that couldn’t be downloaded – though telling that to those inside the theater was tantamount to preaching to the choir, since they’d obviously left their computers behind to be there. Following the visually stunning and musically arresting film, the pair took to the stage again for a Q&A alongside other cast members including Dayton Callie (a.k.a. Chief Wayne Unser from Sons of Anarchy) and Repo! alumni Bill Moseley. The faithful would have asked questions all night had Bousman not brought things to a close so a merchandise signing session could begin. As fans lined up clutching posters and CDs, we headed out into the night with “In All My Dreams I Drown” spinning in our head. It’s testament to the strength of the score that almost a week later it’s still stuck there.

[Above: Snow Mercy and Moxi Suicide]

[Above: Mistress of Ceremonies]

[Above: Linda Lovelace Has Nothing On This Talented Balloon Lady!]

[Above: Darren Lynn Bousman]

[Above: Terrance Zdunich]

Photography: Nicole Powers
For more images from the night visit our Devil’s Carnival photo gallery.

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