Apr 2011 06

Jamity Suicide in Ratty

  • MAKES ME HAPPY: My boyfriend, romantic stuff, love letters, a romantic dinner somewhere, candles, swimming at night, flowers, pillow fights, biting, kisses on the roof, rain, foamy baths, massages, unexpected tenderness, drawing, watching movies, beautiful clothes, sunsets on a rooftop, summer nights, chocolate, sunshine, sea, beaches, girls!
  • MAKES ME SAD: Being sick, racism, monthlies, lost friends, fighting with my parents, wasting time, killing animals.
  • HOBBIES: Dancing, burlesque, watching movies, cooking something horrible, missing someone, painting walls, riding my bicycle, giving hugs.

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Apr 2011 05

Alle Suicide in Wellington Tunnel

  • INTO: Naked women, Russian vodka, steaks, leopard prints, long weekends.
  • NOT INTO: Veggie burgers, Mondays, mushrooms, capitalism, idiots, clones.
  • MAKES ME HAPPY: My kitty, orgasms, sushi, horror movies, hot baths, days off, milk chocolate.
  • MAKES ME SAD: Routine.
  • HOBBIES: Art, music, and photography.
  • 5 THINGS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: Sex, my love, my kitty, my contacts/glasses, music.
  • VICES: Drinking, buying useless things.

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Apr 2011 04

Higgs Suicide in Plus 35 Charisma

  • INTO: Intellectuals, hot cars, hot women, tattoo conventions, physics, cooking big meals, growing veggies in the garden, the environment, and learning anything about everything.
  • NOT INTO: Blind religious devotion, blind patriotism, killing things for no good reason, ignorance, breeding.
  • MAKES ME HAPPY: Thor comics, being outdoors, Roman art (actually most anything Roman), vaccinations, true connection and understanding, getting and giving messages, opera, having my hair played with, and most other cornball girl stuff except the color pink.
  • MAKES ME SAD: Being disappointed, assholes, gay bashers, traffic, people who narrate their own lives out loud, red tape, unnatural disasters, when people end phrases with prepositions.
  • HOBBIES: Creating artwork, gardening, cooking, reading, traveling anywhere, and PS3 and Xbox.
  • 5 THINGS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: My husband, my dogs, my camera, Photoshop, books, rain, a dishwasher, connection to the internet, Sharpies, self expression.
  • VICES: Irish whiskey, wine, cigars, classy strip clubs, hot cars, hookahs, and European women.
  • I SPEND MOST OF MY FREE TIME: In the garden, traveling all over Europe, going to museums, and making art.

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Apr 2011 01

Revenge Suicide in Right In Two

  • MAKES ME HAPPY: My friends, family, the sun, music, photos, tattoos.
  • MAKES ME SAD: Regrets.
  • HOBBIES: Photography, music, arts, concerts, literature, shopping.
  • 5 THINGS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: Family, friends, photography, body modifications (especially tattoos), men.
  • VICES: Chocolate, anger, cigarettes, sex, over-sensitivity, body mods.
  • I SPEND MOST OF MY FREE TIME: Seeing friends, taking photos, reading books, and cooking.

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Mar 2011 31

Riae Suicide in Intimacy

  • INTO: Piercings, tattoos, sushi, drugs, sex, hentai, boobs, and sweet things.
  • MAKES ME HAPPY: Long nights of sex, and Nutella!
  • MAKES ME SAD: Animal abuse, being lonely, lies, peas, artichokes, and screamers.
  • HOBBIES: Playing with my piercings.
  • 5 THINGS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: My dog, sex, Nutella, chocolate, ice cream, Nintendo DS.
  • I SPEND MOST OF MY FREE TIME: In bed, but not for sleep!!!

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Mar 2011 30

Jaclyn Suicide in Ruffled

  • INTO: Tea, bad puns, Kafka, bunny ears, geeks, gaming, memes, bicycles, the smell of pheromones.
  • NOT INTO: Pesticides, stuffed green peppers, hatred.
  • HOBBIES: Jack-of-all-trading.
  • 5 THINGS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: My glasses, my iPod, a comfy hoodie, a pencil, and a notebook.
  • VICES: Procrastination, perfectionism, parliaments, alliteration, coffee.
  • I SPEND MOST OF MY FREE TIME: Daydreaming.

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Mar 2011 29

Baz Suicide in En Relev

  • INTO: Truth.
  • MAKES ME HAPPY: Red Wine, chocolate, shopping, music, beach, orgasms.
  • MAKES ME SAD: Cellulite, allergies, addictions, sneezing, not having an orgasm.
  • HOBBIES: Singing, touching myself, touching him, touching myself again, and still not having stop to sing…
  • 5 THINGS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: My guitar, my cellphone, my dildo, my shampoo and my mp3 player.
  • VICES: I’m such a drama queen.
  • I SPEND MOST OF MY FREE TIME: Daydreaming.

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