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This Thursday April 11th on SuicideGirls Radio hosts Nicole Powers and Moxi Suicide will be joined in studio by SG model Bradley Suicide, extreme piercer Chris Saint, and punk rock princess The Fabulous Miss Wendy. We’ll be talking sex, piercing, and rock & roll – and may be doing two out of three LIVE on air!

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If you have questions for the SG Radio crew or our guests, you can call in during the live broadcast at: 1-855-TRV-inLA (1-855-878-4652)

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_About Bradley Suicide

Raised to be the epitome of a California Girl, Bradley Suicide has the blonde beach girl thing on lock. She grew up in the town of Sonoma in the heart of California wine country, but just wasn’t cut out for small town life. She got the tattoo and party itch at a young age and hasn’t looked back since.

Upon graduating from culinary school with a degree in Baking and Pastry Bradley moved to Huntington Beach and then, most recently to Las Vegas where she keeps the party going, double fisting drinks and sending ridiculous tweets – all while covered in glitter.

Highlights of Bradley’s days, on the rare occasion that she is not working, include skateboarding, relaxing by the pool (drink in hand), and creeping on people’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. She loves the beach, cheap wine, good beer, spicy food, boys with accents and tattoos, and baseball season.

Bradley has modeled for since 2010, has been featured in Inked Magazine, appears in music videos, and is the writer of the Confessions of A Reluctant Dater column as featured on

For more info find Bradley on SuicideGirls and follow/friend her on Twitter and Facebook.

_About Chris Saint

English born and raised, Chris Saint restarted his piercing career by relocating to Los Angeles in 2007. Working in the heart of Hollywood, Chris focused himself on precision, creativity and presentation, and before long had succeeded in building a solid reputation within the piercing community.

To date Chris’ work, including his surface anchor arrangements, can be seen in publications worldwide, on television networks including MTV, FUSE, OXYGEN, E!, and in music videos by artists such as From First Till Last, Angels & Airwaves & Marilyn Manson.

Chris has been a member of SuicideGirls since 2007, and is now an extremely proud member of the Club Tattoo, Las Vegas Team.

For more info visit Chris’ Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

_About The Fabulous Miss Wendy

After touring with Slash, Hollywood’s punk-inspired rock princess The Fabulous Miss Wendy is co-headlining the national Femme Fest 2013 tour with Hear Kitty Kitty and openers The Theodora Kelly Project and Mahi Gato. Wendy is taking to the highways in support of her new album No One Can Stop Me!” (Not Dead Yet Records), produced by the legendary Kim Fowley (The Runaways).

No One Can Stop Me! is a street-level battle cry that resonates from the underbelly of Hollywood. The opening title track of the album speaks to Wendy’s unbeatable determination and passion while “Miami” is the true story of sultry adventures and steamy parties under the hot Florida sun. Her song “Silicon Assassin” is also the theme song for the new sci-fi web series by the same name and starring Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica).

In true DIY style, Wendy initially turned to Kickstarter to complete the funding for her album. She got it from 112 backers and then hit the studio with producer Kim Fowley who, among many other accomplishments, discovered The Runaways.

Wendy started her music career with only $20, but she was eventually nominated for LOGO’s “Ultimate Sexiest Videos” weekly contest alongside videos by the likes of Lady Gaga. Wendy did two tours of duty to play for American troops in Iraq before going on to tour with Slash.

For more info visit Wendy’s website, Facebook and Twitter.

ICYMI: The recorded of our April 11t show featuring SG model Bradley Suicide, extreme piercer Chris Saint, and punk rock princess The Fabulous Miss Wendy is now up on Ustream and can be viewed via the player below.

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Oct 2011 25

by Bob Suicide

I don’t plan on ever growing up, though I do plan on single-handedly keeping the vinyl toy industry in business for many years to come. You name it, I’ve got it –– or it’s on preorder. However, even my embarrassingly childish addiction has standards. I have Legos, GI Joes, Transformers, Star Trek and Star Wars figures and replicas, plus Munnys and Dunnys of all sizes, but, I’m not –– and never really was –– a “Barbie girl.” I had a few as a kid, but even then I was more excited about my X-Men and Power Ranger figures than any doll.

However, I recently admitted a secret shame: “Typically, when I go to the toy store (which is often) to look for totally justifiable and not at all embarrassing toys, I make a small but shameful detour down the doll aisle.” And, recently, I even bought a few. Not Barbies, but Mattel’s similar line of dolls: Monster High.

Barbie has often been the target of body and self-image criticism. Thanks to her impossible anatomical proportions, moms across the globe decry the doll’s destruction of their child’s self-esteems –– but always after purchasing one or two because their daughters just had to have one. All the while, the overwhelming majority of girls rabidly desire and play with their dolls completely oblivious to the negative stigma their parents place upon them.

What I lack in “Barbie” fandom I make up for in love for Tokidoki designer Simone Legno, who recently released his own Tokidoki branded doll: the first officially tattooed Barbie. (There were two prior dolls that came with stickers mimicking temporary tattoos, but, since we’re getting technical, anything non-permanent doesn’t count.) With his amazing sense of art and style, Simone has done an amazing service to promote the acceptance of the beauty of tattoos within mainstream society. The doll is a perfect blend of the Tokidoki and Barbie brands. He’s mixed them together in a way that doesn’t compromise either. Part of me looks at that doll and says, “Fuck yeah. She looks cool.” Everything about the design is beautiful and “hip.” There’s an amazing attention to detail and the tattoos in particular portray Simone’s love of Japanese art that underlies all of his work.

There are few things in our American culture that are so identifiable as products of the “American Dream.” Coca Cola’s one and Barbie is another. They’ve been around for ages and while they maintain a classic aesthetic, they subtly evolve as the societal outlook changes. As tattoos are becoming more culturally accepted, it’s exciting to finally have a Barbie with tattoos. It’s exciting to think one of the largest toy manufacturers in the country, which boasts the country’s best selling doll –– a doll that has been defining standards of beauty for decades –– has now embraced tattoos. And, by dint of wearing those tattoos, Barbie and her parent company have declared tattoos to be both feminine and beautiful too.

As a kid, I never looked to my Barbie dolls for aspirational images of who or what I could be or how I should look and, honestly, I don’t think most kids do. Toys are toys. Toys don’t shape a kid’s personality. Children pick toys that reflect their own inner character traits. I didn’t look at my Wild C.A.T.s Zealot figure thinking I was going to become a covert warrior-spy. I liked that figure because I was already a strong girl with a penchant for the wilder side. As an adult however, I find the reverse bleeding into my conscious and I see why parents can easily label a doll as a “role-model.” So I’m pleased –– and even slightly inspired –– to see my formerly subversive love of lowbrow art and tattoos proudly emblazoned on one of America’s biggest icons.

But, another part of me can’t seem to get over the fact that, with the overabundance of pink and the perfectly bobbed hair, she’s eerily similar to Paris Hilton, which is not the best foot forward when it comes to portraying tattoos within the mainstream. If Barbie is an aspirational ambassador, the way parents like to portray her, I can understand the concern they might have for a day when “socialite” replaces “princess” as the number one thing little girls want to be when they grow up. But the same can be said of many of the Barbie dolls on the shelf. When each doll comes with matching purse and a mini dog that fits inside, when the “Dream Mansion” has its own massive walk in closet for shoes, it’s unfair to single this one doll out as the harbinger for the tacky, classless persona of a famous for being famous reality TV star. If this doll gets a scarlet “H,” they all do.

My ultimate gripe is with the “minivan mom’s” rallying cry that tattoos set a bad example for young girls. The gist of their complaint can be summed up by a comment from the Ms Twixt website for parents of Tween-age girls:

“Encouraging children that tattoos are cool is wrong, wrong, wrong.”

In reality, this doll isn’t meant to be a walking ad for the tattoo industry; It’s not even meant for children. It’s a $50 doll, and like the original plastic lady who inspired her, Bild Lilli, this Barbie is clearly marketed to the adult collector. While I can happily whip up a scenario whereby the fact that Barbie, as a shining example of the American Dream, has endorsed tattoos means that body art and modification is beautiful (as I just did), the truth of the matter is this is just a piece of lowbrow art which happens to take the form of a doll. While the doll is a highly publicized and identifiable one that’s typically marketed to children, the reality is two business saw the opportunity for a branding partnership and a hot pop-art designer modified an existing product for a high-end and limited run directed and solely marketed at collectors. No child is going to run their sticky fingers across a Tokidoki Barbie box on a WalMart shelf and the creators never intended that scenario to occur.

The doll aside, why is “encouraging” children to get tattoos wrong –– other than the fact those kids are going to be really bummed when they ride their trike up to the local shop to get their very own body mod and get turned away when they don’t have proper ID. There are laws set in place to ensure underage children can’t get tattoos. Doodling on skin with a sharpie never hurt anything but the occasional couch or really nice shirt (somthing I did ALL the time as a kid). Showing a child a picture of a doll or a person with a tattoo on them doesn’t immediately mean your toddler’s going to come home from preschool with a set of sleeves. Many of their real-life role models –– who are seen as wholesome and positive influences –– have them. Justin Bieber has a tattoo (don’t judge me for knowing that, I already feel enough shame!), and the only negative thing he’s ever inspired kids to get is really stupid haircuts (and his albums!).

Maybe the real answer is to let kids be kids, people be people, and dolls be dolls.


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Aug 2011 26

by Shotgun Suicide

Shotgun Suicide gives you the skinny on stretching your holes.

Music: “Mirror” by Tokyo Pinsalocks and “Shut Up And Fish” by Burke The Destroyer – courtesy of

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Aug 2011 10

by Marisa DiMattia

“Tattooing doesn’t need to be dressed up as anything.”
– Chris O’Donnell

Chris O’Donnell doesn’t have the rock star swagger. He hasn’t learned the art diva shtick nor developed an eye-catching wardrobe. Yet he’s one of the most sought after tattoo artists in New York by serious collectors and celebrities alike. It’s his work that garners all the attention while the boy-next-door persona sits quietly in the background.

Named one of the best tattooers in NYC by Time Out Magazine, Chris has been needling clients since 1993, specializing in classic Americana, Japanese, and East Asian iconography.

Read our exclusive interview with Chris O’Donnell on

Apr 2011 07

by Shotgun Suicide

Shotgun Suicide goes balls deep to give you the 411 on dermal anchors.

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Mar 2011 24

by Darrah de jour

32-year-old model Mia Tyler comes from rock royalty. The fashion designer, actress, author and now music manager is the daughter of Aerosmith front man (and American Idol judge) Steven Tyler and the late-Warhol muse and Bowie video chick Cyrinda Foxe (she and Tyler sustained a rocky marriage from 1978-1987). But, Mia is a rebel of her own making. She stands for living out loud – and loving your body exactly as it is! *That’s not to say she doesn’t have some amazing body mods!*

An advocate of “plus-size” modeling, she’s appeared on the runways of New York and Paris and in Vogue. As she says, “Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and packages. Including ME!”

I had an exclusive interview with the bold brunette – and she had some revealing insights about female friendships, forging your own path and her favorite pastime with sister, Liv.

Read (and rock) on…


Mar 2011 22

by Shotgun Suicide

Shotgun Suicide gives you the 411 on surface piercings – and shows you how to stay clean afterwards “because no one wants an infected hole.”

Music: “Circle” by The Tokyo Pinsalocks.

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