Oct 2016 11

by Nicole Powers

“Human beings don’t cultivate ideas.
On the contrary… ideas cultivate us.”
— Dr. Wrong, Fight Club 2

The years haven’t been kind to Sebastian, aka The Narrator, aka the co-founder of Fight Club. Having traded his position as leader of Project Mayhem — an underground organization inspired by the Cacophony Society and its precursor the Suicide Club — for all the trappings of the American dream, Sebastian now has a 9 to 5 job, a wife, a home and a kid, and is the father he vowed he’d never become. Trapped in the mundanity of this seemingly cookie-cutter life, Sebastian seeks solace in his psychiatrist, Dr. Wrong, and the prescription pills he pedals. Meanwhile, Tyler Durden, Sebastian’s stalwartly subversive alter-ego, has been biding his time, plotting his comeback to wreak havoc on a society that is, for the most part, populated by sheep in need of a shepherd, or a surrogate father as writer, mythologist and philosopher Joseph Campbell might say. And thus, a new installment of junior-arsonist-turned-adult-novelist Chuck Palahniuk’s iconic Fight Club begins.

Taking comic book form, the long-awaited and much-anticipated sequel to the original 1996 Fight Club novel (on which David Fincher’s 1999 movie was based) first hit stores in May, 2015. The ten-part series paired Palahniuk’s dialog and plot with art by Cameron Stewart (whose credits include Batman, Batgirl, Catwoman, Assassin’s Creed and SuicideGirls’ own comic series, to name but a few). This sequel was something that Palahniuk resisted for many years. However, ideas sometimes have a life of their own, and this one was pulling Palahniuk back to Project Mayhem’s home on Paper Street. Now, as the series is being collected and bound together as a hardcover graphic novel (out June 28 via Dark Horse Comics), Palahnuik is working on the third installment of an idea, which like Tyler Durden, refuses to die. We caught up with Palahniuk by phone to find out more…

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May 2016 03

By Blogbot

This Wednesday Nicole Powers and Moxi and Bradley Suicide are celebrating May 4th, the most important date in the geek calendar — aka International Star Wars Day (May The 4th Be With You!) — with our favorite sci-fi author and game developer Steven-Elliot Altman. (Check out his dystopian novel, The Killswitch Review, which was serialized on SuicideGirls here.)


Want to learn more about Pearl’s Peril and Ancient Aliens — and why Moxi wants to have alien sex?!? Watch last night’s show feat. Steven-Elliot Altman here or via the player below.

Suicide Girls Interview: Game Developer Steven-Elliot Altman 05.04.2017 from Steve Altman on Vimeo.

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About Steven-Elliot Altman

Steven-Elliot Altman is a bestselling science fiction author, film and television screenwriter, graphic novelist, and videogame developer. His games include Acclaim’s multiple award-winning title 9Dragons and Wooga’s Facebook sensation Pearl’s Peril. Steve’s novels include Captain America Is Dead, Zen In The Art Of Slaying Vampires, Batman: Fear Itself, The Killswitch Review, The Irregulars, and Deprivers. He’s also the editor of the critically-acclaimed anthology The Touch and a contributor to Shadows Over Baker Street, a Hugo Award Winning anthology of Sherlock Holmes stories. Steve’s also a proud member of SFWA and the current Vice-Chairman of the steering committee of the Writers Guild of America’s Videogame Division. Steve is presently writing the videogame Ancient Aliens, based on the History Channels’ hit television series, and is overseeing the development of his own science fiction series for MarVista Entertainment based upon his novel Deprivers.

To cyber-stalk Steven-Elliot Altman, visit his Twitter.

Calling All SuicideGirl Videogame Fans! 

Steven-Elliot Altman and the History Channel cordially invite you to check out the beta test of AncientAliens: The Game on Facebook (coming to mobile next week). Help ancient astronaut theorists uncover the truth about alien visitations in our remote past as you abduct humans, alter their DNA and build the pyramids.

Go here:

Enter the password: “letsplayancientaliens” to be one of the first to experience the game and ask Steve any questions you may have.



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“As a nightly consumer of red wine, I was shocked one evening to find I had just half a glass left in the bottle. So I did what any decent alcoholic, ex-con, American would do… I went to the fridge and the liquor cabinet, then poured, mixed and measured. Thus Mangria was born.” — Adam Carolla

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Feb 2015 13

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Dec 2014 10

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This Thursday, December 11th on SuicideGirls Radio, hosts Moxi Suicide and Nicole Powers will be joined by award-winning playwright Jennifer Haley, whose mind-blowing play, The Nether, explores second life morality and virtual criminality.

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About Jennifer Haley
Jennifer is a playwright whose work delves into ethics in virtual reality and the impact of technology on our human relationships, identity, and desire. She won the 2012 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, a Los Angeles Ovation Award and Drama Critics Circle Award for her play, The Nether, which premiered at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Los Angeles and was subsequently produced at The Royal Court Theatre in London.

Other plays include Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom, which premiered at the Actors Theatre of Louisville 2008 Humana Festival, and They Call Her Froggy, in development with Center Theatre Group and American Conservatory Theater.

The Nether will transfer to the Duke of York’s Theatre in London’s West End, with performances starting on January 30 ahead of an official opening on February 23. The show is booking for a 12-week season through April 25, 2015. For more info visit and

May 2014 27

by Nicole Powers

One of the most intriguing characters in the new series of House of Cards, is that of hacker Gavin Orsay played by Jimmi Simpson. The political drama, which is written and produced by Beau Willimon and stars Kevin Spacey as the Machiavellian politician Francis Underwood, is highly addictive and a breakout hit on Netflix.

One of the secrets of the show’s success is that it exposes the down and dirty machinations behind the sanitized spin we’re usually presented with in the media. Indeed, much of the House of Cards action is centered around not only the insider intrigues within the White House, but the power play between politicians and the press.

We’re first introduced to Orsay in House of Cards, when a Washington Herald journalist, Lucas Goddwin (played by Sebastian Arcelus), seeks out the help of the online collective Anonymous, after more traditional forms of investigation lead to nothing but dead ends. Wanting to maintain House of Cards’ consummate sense of authenticity, when Willimon delved into the world of the hactivist hive he sought advice from one of its most respected members, Gregg Housh, who is credited as being one of the people who put the iconic Guy Fawkes mask on the group.

When it comes to recreating reality, the devil is in the detail, and one such detail Willimon included in his fictional series as a result of his association with Housh has had positive repercussions in real life. In a scene in which Orsay is negotiating his way out from under the thumb of an FBI agent, he also requests that “all of Barrett Brown’s charges are dropped.” For the uninitiated, Brown is a talented and colorful Vanity Fair and Guardian journalist with a penchant for red wine and bubble baths, who is currently residing in a Texas penitentiary facing charges related to the sharing of a hyperlink. The case is potentially precedent-setting –– and with threats of a 105-year jail term, has had a chilling effect on journalism –– so a pointed mention in such a highly respected and successful show was lauded by Brown’s supporters, online activists, and journalists alike.

SuicideGirls spoke with Simpson by phone on a Saturday in early March. The actor, who has had memorable recurring roles in the TV series 24, Breakout Kings, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Psych, and prominent supporting roles in the films The Invention of Lying, Date Night, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and White House Down, among others, also happens to be a member of our community. Our interview was arranged during enforced downtime, while Simpson was awaiting surgery on his collarbone. Though under doctor’s orders to take things easy himself, he spoke to us while he was waiting for a group of his friends to jump out of a plane.

Read our exclusive interview with Jimmi Simpson on


Mar 2014 26

by Blogbot


This Thursday, March 27th on SuicideGirls Radio, hosts Nicole Powers and Chloe Suicide will be joined by renaissance men and coffee connoisseurs Jason Leopold, Sean Bonner, and Tait Fletcher. Well be talking current events and comparing and contrasting coffees made live on air by Sean Bonner, who curates his own Coffee Posse tasters club, and Tait Fletcher, who has a highly specialized boutique coffee company called Caveman Coffee.

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Nov 2013 13

by Alex Hinkley

This week’s SG Gamer of the Week is Jeckyl. She is a hardcore girl that has a not-so-secret nerdy side to her. Jeckyl loves Star Wars and owning face in Call of Duty. I talked to her about some of her favorite games and what she thinks of Disney taking over the Star Wars franchise.

So tell me about your SG nickname, Jeckyl. The first thing that comes to mind is Doctor Jeckyl…

Yeah that’s exactly where the name comes from. My Suicide Girls persona is sort of like my alter ego, like a Jekyll and Hyde thing. I like to think that Jeckyl is the opposite of me and that, as Jeckyl, I get to act out all the things I’d be too shy to do as myself.

What are some of your favorite games of all-time?

Alice: Madness Returns, Super Mario Brothers, and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

What about favorite current games?

Black Ops 2, Assassins Creed 3, and FIFA 13.

So I take it you are a soccer fan? Do you like any other sports?

I am yes. Soccer players are very nice to look at. =P Occasionally I’ll watch rugby or hockey, but I’m really more into roller derby. It’s my favorite sport!

PS3 or Xbox 360?


Are you into online gaming or are you more of a campaign type girl?

Online. I like to kick ass.

I’m sure all the Black Ops 2 players reading this will want to know, what’s your k/d?

1.75. I’ve been thinking of getting it tattooed on my arm as a testament to my awesomeness.

Your profile says you live in South Africa. Tell me about what it’s like living there from a gaming perspective. Do video games cost more there? Does the internet suck?

The internet is a real pain here. It went down about three times today already. I don’t think games are more expensive but some games we don’t have yet so we have to order from overseas and shipping can get pretty pricey. Gaming seems to be growing here though, we even have an annual gaming convention called Rage where we get to play and sample all the latest stuff, it’s really rad.

You mentioned Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was one of your all-time faves, does this mean you are a huge Star Wars fan in general?

I am, yes, a closet fan though. Being a nerd kinda contradicts my hardcore alternative image. But Star Wars is a classic, and I’m a sucker for the classics. Also Hayden Christensen is a dish.

Of course you know what I have to ask next. Favorite Star Wars movie?

I really liked The Clone Wars but with some reservations. The Clone Wars animated series was surprisingly good, too. Much better than the movie. Yoda was pretty kick ass.

How do you feel about Disney acquiring Star Wars?

I’m actually kind of excited to see what Disney does with it. I really lost faith in Lucas Films after a few glitches they passed off as movies these last few years. I think it’s a really awesome way to introduce Star Wars to a newer generation that grew up without it. And really nothing beats Star Wars on the big screen so I’m definitely looking forward to next movies!

If you could make your own video game, what would you make?

Probably a cross between Black Ops 2 and Assassin’s Creed 3. It would be really cool to combine the storyline and killing styles in Assassin’s Creed with the machinery from Black Ops. People’s minds would melt from awesome overload.

For more on Jeckyl visit her SuicideGirls‘ profile and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.