Aug 2011 10

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A column which highlights Suicide Girls and their fave groups.

[Damsel in Bold]

This week, Damsel Suicide tells us why she gets all tied up in the Dreadlocks


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  • WHY DO YOU LOVE IT?: It offers lots of tips, methods, and advice. Every set of dreadlocks is unique, and there are so many different ways to maintain them. Some people are anti-product and choose the natty route, while others enjoy the benefits of using wax and other dreadlock products. Either way, if you see a set of locks you think are beautiful, it’s nice to find out how they keep them that way!

  • DISCUSSION TIP: Respect the opinions and differences of others. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to do dreadlocks, only a variety of methods that all work equally. Different strokes for different folks!

  • BEST RANDOM QUOTE: “My mane is my source of power. I am able to do superhuman things that I couldn’t do otherwise.”

  • MOST HEATED DISCUSSION THREAD: Synthetic Dreads…People who have spent years developing their dreadlocks claim synth dreads are the easy way out, while people with synth dreads argue they are still dreadheads. Either way, having synthetic dreads does NOT make you a pussy bitch.

  • WHO’S WELCOME TO JOIN?: Appreciate lovely locks and natty ladies? Come on in and appreciate the nappy goodness…


Aug 2011 04

by Kevin Patrick Maxwell (a.k.a SG Member: AvaruS)

[Jami Suicide in Marilyn]

I remember when I was a eight, my twelve year old brother ‘borrowed’ our dad’s 25th Anniversary Playboy (January 1979). When he opened the page, there she was, sprawled out on a red velvet tapestry. Her blue eyes glistened and her figure was simply marvelous –– almost perfect. She had this gorgeous, long, golden hair flowing down her back. Her left hand was poised behind her head covering her left eye, her right hand was down by her legs, which where both were bent at the knees. Needless to say this image was something special, and it ingrained itself in my subconscious. I was too captivated by her image to actually read any of the accompanying text.


Jul 2011 14

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What Suicide Girls are putting on – and taking off – this summer…

There’s nothing twee about sporting blooms when you do it with balls. It takes talent to wear flowers with ‘tude. But in the right situation petals can provide the perfect juxtaposition to an otherwise punk rock look.

[Havok in Restless]


May 2011 12

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Alexander McQueen, ‘l’enfant terrible’ of British fashion, is having a truly global moment.

As some of the most famous people in the world gathered in outlandish creations for the Met Gala, which this year celebrated the opening of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s McQueen retrospective (Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, which has attracted 46,000 visitors in its opening week – a Met record), it was hard for a dedicated follower of fashion not to wonder what its namesake would have felt about all this attention.


May 2011 04

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A column which highlights Suicide Girls and their fave groups.

[Exning in Dreamworld]

This week, Exning Suicide sizes up SG’s Weight Loss Group.

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  • WHY DO YOU LOVE IT?: Because I used to be very overweight, and after losing 70 pounds myself I can give other people advice as well as keep in touch with what I need for my body

  • DISCUSSION TIP: Read the sticky threads.

  • BEST RANDOM QUOTE: “How do I get my lazy ass out of bed?”

  • MOST HEATED DISCUSSION THREAD: Weight Loss Pills. The group is there to help you out on your journey through losing weight, and there are never any easy ways. But some people come in looking for short cuts, and want information on weight loss pills. That threads basically tells them how it is; you have to work for it and we’re here to support.
  • WHO’S WELCOME TO JOIN?: Anybody who wants to get motivated!


Apr 2011 07

by Shotgun Suicide

Shotgun Suicide goes balls deep to give you the 411 on dermal anchors.

Music: “Nightfire” by Thunderdikk – courtesy of

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Mar 2011 30

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A column which highlights Suicide Girls and their fave groups.

[Epiic in Squidcats]

Epiic Suicide doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to her fave SG hang out, which is Hirsute, a group “for those who love hair…all over.”

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  • WHY DO YOU LOVE IT?: It’s nice to be accepted. The different women and their prefered styles are inspiring. For me, it’s a sort of artistic fashion statement. And, of course, I get to perv on all the hot photos submitted by members and SGs.
  • DISCUSSION TIP: Don’t hate or we’ll burn you at the stake.
  • BEST RANDOM QUOTE: “Show us your warm and fuzzies.”
  • MOST HEATED DISCUSSION THREAD: Not much, maybe fights over which SG has the perfect bush lol. Suri our sexy fur leader keeps us in check.”
  • WHO’S WELCOME TO JOIN?: Those who appreciate and love hair.