Jan 2012 06

Patton Suicide in Improvise

  • INTO: Art, broccoli, bats, body piercings, tattoos, Halloween, loud music, things that hurt, tight pants, loyalty, lunchboxes, dancing, quantum physics, workaholics, astral projection, needles, respect, monsters, insomniacs, wormholes, math equations, empathy, gore, mass murderers, machines, alternate dimensions, coupons, anatomy, Tetris, zombies, sharp objects, shiny things, comfy tees, short shorts.
  • NOT INTO: Nonsense, egos, arrogance, hustlers, skanks, injuring myself while barefoot, grocery shopping, being cold, batteries dieing, alarms going off, spilling things, interruptions, pretentious attitudes, cops, doppelgangers.
  • MAKES ME HAPPY: Picture texts, phone calls, body warmth, cats, boobs, sweet tea, surprises, broccoli, holding hands, kisses on the forehead, getting tucked in, Ugg boots, bats, sketchbooks.
  • MAKES ME SAD: Brooms, iPod running out of power, getting out of bed, burning my hair with my cigarettes, nosebleeds, laundry, icebergs, the ocean.
  • HOBBIES: Reading, painting, singing songs to myself, causing general pandemonium, dancing, being naked.
  • 5 THINGS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: Sunglasses, my cat, cigarettes, loud music.
  • I SPEND MOST OF MY FREE TIME: Daydreaming, working non-stop, untangling my hair, pulling out eyelashes that stab me in the eye, pretending I’m a princess.

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Jan 2012 05

Vice Suicide in Returns

  • INTO: History, tattoos, music, love, life, animals, seasons, night clubs, mini skirts, shoes, make up, learning, Great Danes, dancing, dressing up, sushi, sarcasm, San Francisco, good people, procrastinating, porn, and Tequila.
  • NOT INTO: Strawberry milk, creepy men, sleeping alone, and contests; as I never win. : (
  • MAKES ME HAPPY: My friends, Asher, music.
  • MAKES ME SAD: Dumb-fuck people.
  • HOBBIES: Music, crazy dancing, singing (not well), history and anything WWII.
  • 5 THINGS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: Toothpaste, soap, water, lipstick, and fruit snacks.
  • VICES: Sugar, envy, and self-doubt.
  • I SPEND MOST OF MY FREE TIME: Eating, sleeping, and being awkard.

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Jan 2012 04

Gallows Suicide in Wood Nymph

  • INTO: Choonimals Clothing, Drop Dead clothing, Victoria’s Secret and VS PINK clothing, animals and animal rights, stars and galaxies, makeup, music, tattoos and what not, candles, pro-choice, and, of course, my amazing boyfriend.
  • NOT INTO: Animal cruelty, BSL, Sarah Palin and pretty much all Republicans, drugs, smoking, bad or slow and show offish drivers, drama.
  • MAKES ME HAPPY: Hanging out with my boyfriend, family and friends, stepping outside and smelling honeysuckle and air, mustaches, reading, pen pals, candles, animals, animals, animals.
  • MAKES ME SAD: Death, people crying and being sad, animals being hurt, not getting any mail, BSL, seeing people fall down, animals on the side of the road, dead turtles on the road, how much I miss my dog and other family members.
  • HOBBIES: Pen pals, reading.
  • 5 THINGS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: Animals, family, boyfriend, friends, books.
  • VICES: Biting my fingernails.
  • I SPEND MOST OF MY FREE TIME: Reading and hanging with my boy and friends. I wish I had more time with my family.

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Jan 2012 03

Sinnah Suicide in Love Lost

  • INTO: Art, beauty, food, tea, traveling, comics, bones, books, painting, video games, internet, Akira, art nouveau, sleeping, dogs, calm, independence.
  • NOT INTO: Physical contact, cold wind, spicy dishes, New Year’s Eve parties, heat, hardcore feminism, attention whoring, dependence, loud/pretentious/opportunistic/fake people, crowded places.
  • MAKES ME HAPPY: Tattooing, friends, being busy, music, dogs, trips, sunny but not too hot days, rain, succeeding at something, drawing, a good book, being able to socialize without alcohol, Christmas with my family, chocolate, tea.
  • MAKES ME SAD: Violence, nastiness, no chocolate, being alone when hungover, Sundays, this ‘effing northern weather.
  • 5 THINGS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: Internet, my glasses, books, food.
  • VICES: Chocolate, sushi, food in general, tobacco, comics, internet, tea, cute pictures of cute girls.
  • I SPEND MOST OF MY FREE TIME: Drawing and/or procrastinating.

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Jan 2012 02

Radeo Suicide in Heliotrope

  • INTO: You.
  • NOT INTO: Weak hand shakes.
  • MAKES ME HAPPY: Costello my corgi, couch forts, surprises, superstitions, and fortune cookies.
  • MAKES ME SAD: When my remote control boat doesn’t work.
  • HOBBIES: Irony.
  • 5 THINGS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: Computer, sweet tea, ice cream, phone, and a little TLC. I’m easy to please.
  • VICES: I only listen to love songs.

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Dec 2011 30

Lavonne Suicide in Rainforest

  • INTO: Organic & local.
  • MAKES ME HAPPY: Art, music, love, philosophy, good food, like-minded friends, books, crystals, rocks, nature, water, laying in the sun, adventures, traveling, selling paintings.
  • 5 THINGS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: I can probably live without almost everything.
  • VICES: Food.

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Dec 2011 29

Annasthesia Suicide in Geeky

  • INTO: Zombies, tattoos, bad music, occasionally good music, bar hopping, cuddle times, video games, fake eyelashes, 5 inch heels, being crafty.
  • NOT INTO: Very small spaces…I’m claustrophobic.
  • MAKES ME HAPPY: Bad movies, trashy reality TV, video games, beer pong tournaments, great sex, booze, hot chicks, Pokemon, boobs, good times, late nights, my two favorite people.
  • MAKES ME SAD: Animal abuse, bad plastic surgery, unfortunate tattoos, smeared eyeliner.
  • I SPEND MOST OF MY FREE TIME: All of my time is free time

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